A question about question about mods.

In this thread, Royal Sampler said

To which Mangetout replied

To which Arnold Winkelried said

So I’m asking in the right forum the question that Mangetout asked.

I’m guessing that, as usual, ther is some history with Royal Sampler that I’m not cool enough to know about, and if not, I think his remark was inappropriat in any forum, but was AW serious in his response to Mangetout?

As a realative rookie here, my guess is that he was not, hence all of the smilies, but I would hate to suffer the wrath of the mods over what seems to me to be a fairly innocent, and legitimate question.

Please enlighten me, oh wise ones.
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MODS, if you would be so kind…

Since you are really discussing my remarks to Royal Sampler, I’ll weigh in with my reasoning for posting as I did.

I took Royal’s comment as an actual shot at our rationale for banning. Given that it was placed in a thread where I had already told someone that comments of this nature do not belong in ATMB, as well as nearly had someone call me a liar, I took his comment at face value. It’s possible I was mistaken, but there has been no clarification of from Royal of his comments. Considering all that, I feel my interpretation was correct.

Mangetout has the correct impression. Any indication from Royal, that his post was made in jest, would have prevented me from posting my warning.

And, Arnold doesn’t have a vengeful bone in his loveable Swiss body. I assure you, his post was intended as humor. And probably meant to somewhat defuse a potentially volatile situation.

Does this address each of your concerns?

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Unclebeer, didn’t your mother ever tell you you’d go blind if you stroked your little ego?


Gracious my, looks like aftermarketeer, Royal Sampler and FormerlyKnownAsBlank were just begging to be banned in that thread. :eek: (Even annalamerino might want to be careful the next time she posts her recollections without cites.)

I never knew people could have such death wishes.


You’d be surprised. For some people, being banned is not the end of the world. The SDMB is likely a more important part of your life than it is to the people you’ve named.

(FTR, I do agree with UncleBeer).

Seems to me, Esprix, that for FormerlyKnownAsBlank to prove, or counter Unclebeer’s comments made to annalamerino, he/she would have to reveal who he/she really was in a previous incarnation.

At least that’s how I read it.

On a side note, it kind of explains FormerlyKnownAsBlank’s screen name too. That is, he/she was banned for the infraction Unclebeer said didn’t happen a while back, and is now back as FKAB.

Lie. See http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=25937

Here is where FKAB was told to change his/her name. It looks like FKAB originally posted to that thread with a space as username.

Tuba says that it should be changed NOW. No banning threatened about the name.

Well, obviously I didn’t mean any kind of “real” death wish, but it sure looks like they’re looking to get booted from here, IMHO. Knowingly trolling to be chastized is a little too masochistic for me to understand, I guess.


Hey Esprix ya’ll love this then. A new??? poster just did it again in ATMB.


putupon indeed :rolleyes:

I don’t think that’s what it is. How far a poster pushes the envelope may depend on how much they fear getting banned vs. how much they really need to criticize the moderators. Everyone’s scale is different with regards to both sides.

Correction made. Thanks yojimbo.

I guess I don’t know what his/her point was then.

Whoopsie! Looks like putupon’s thread has disappeared. Shocking! :rolleyes:


Thanks for clearing that up.

(oh, and I interpreted Arnold’s reply as ironic too)

That’s how I read it too. I just wanted to make sure. Sometimes around here (and IRL too) I feel like there’s a joke going on and I’m not in on it.

Unclebeer, I thought that Royal Sampler saw being a schmuck, and he deserved far worse than he got. My question, which you answered deftly, was about Mangetout’s remark, and more to the point, AW’s response to it. I merely included RS’s coment for context.
Thanks for clearing that up for me. Every time I come to the pit Unclebeer gently sets me straight.

Oh, and UB, thanks for fixing my coding.

Correction: loveable, well-toned and muscular. I do have some vengeful bones, but they’re well hidden except for that one near the funny bone. As a matter of fact, underneath the amiable, buffoonish exterior, there is a seething cauldron of resentment, envy, sadness and ennui.

[sub]Now if there’s a smile on my face,
It’s only there trying to fool the public…
Ain’t too much sadder than the tears of a clown
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Yes it was Mangetout. I was trying to be funny, but this thread helps to answer your question. You asked “if you seem to disagree with someone, will the use of smilies make it clear that you are joking?” And we can see that even the overuse of smilies is not self-explanatory and can be misinterpreted. So in general, if you want to be clearly understood with no possibility of mistake, you need to be as explicit as possible, and to go back to your example about an ATMB post:

(question by Mangetout) «If Royal Sampler had suffixed that comment with a :smiley: and/or a :wink: and/or the words ‘(only joking)’, would it still have been out of place?»

We see that adding a humorous icon still leaves some doubt about the true meaning of the post.

Yes, I see.

Personally, I agree that it’s best not to make comments that could be misinterpreted (the text medium, even with the inclusion of smilies, is robbed of all of the subtle nuances that are present in ‘real’ conversation; it’s just too easy to be misunderstood, but it can happen to anyone)