A Question about the movie American Pie

I just watched the video American Pie and found it surprisingly well done for a teen age genre flick. MY question is this:

The lacrosse tourney and the glee club contest took place at Michigan State University, so, ummm, is this movie suppose to take place in my fair state of MI or what?

(I’m sure this is a no brainer)


Just as a note: I don’t think there is a lacrosse team at MSU (Oz said he could walk onto the team). And the music building isn’t real, either.

I don’t know about that, but did anyone notice how in the beginning of the movie Vicki says she’s going to Cornell, and Kevin is going to U of M. Then in the end, they’re talking about him going to Ann Arbor, and her going to Ithaca. I know Oz said he was thinking about MSU, and Heather was talking about going to Ann Arbor.

Did I miss something?

Their U of M is U of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Cornell U is in Ithaca NY.

I don’t know where MSU is, but I believe it is close to Ann Arbor.


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Hey shirley-

The guys who wrote the movie are from Grand Rapids. I believe it is supposed to take place in Michigan but, I think that is secondary.

And I am almost postive being a Michigander you know where MSU and U of M are!


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MSU = East Lansing

I kept waiting for more Michigan references other than U of M or MSU ( you know, there are other colleges in this state than those two.)

The guy who wrote it grew up in East Grand Rapids. Therefore, East Great Falls is where the movie takes place. There are somethings in the movie that correspond to real life GR. UM is in Ann Arbor, MSU in Lansing, and both have lacrosse teams. As an interesting aside, the whole area is very conservative/Christian. I think that Grand Rapids has the highest density of churches. ANd a lot of people were upset that such a lewd movie was set in there wholesome town. BTW, I know all this because I went to one of the other colleges in Michigan- Calvin College in GR.

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more specifically, East Lansing.