A question about the movie Hot Tub Time Machine

Watched this movie tonight and it was pretty entertaining, though a little too much gross and crude humour for my liking.

There was one aspect I was left a little confused about though, at several points the Hot Tub repair man refers to the youngest time-traveler Jacob with female terms (he refers to him as ‘her’ and says, ‘Get your hands off me young lady’ when Jacob grabs him)

I was certain it was going to turn out that the groups time-travelling shenanigans were going to result in Jacobs having been born female and having his gender-swapped towards the end of the movie, but nothing like that happened.

It was a bit odd and I wonder what that was all about, have I missed or misunderstood something?


I don’t think it was anything more than a Chevy Chase-style insult/joke.

Yeah, the gist of it is that he thought Jacob was a girl because of his hairstyle and futuristic-looking (for 1986) clothes.

Ah OK, thanks, I kind of like my idea better :smiley:

What I want to know is, if he has access to a time machine, why didn’t Chevy Chase go back to 2002 and turn down that invitation to the roast?

I actually meant to add another question but forgot.

What happened to the alternate versions of the three who went back to the future in the time machine, the originals don’t recall the intervening period in their lives but obviously some version of them did live it.

So were these versions of themselves simply over-written and annihilated when the original consciousness came back to their present or what?

I’m not explaining that very well but hopefully somebody can grasp what I mean.

Exactly this ^^

Don’t think about it too much.

If this were Doctor Who, the correct answer would be: “Look! Monsters! Run!”

In other words, Hot Tub Time Machine totally breaks down, if you think about it too much. But that’s not why it was made. I think the producers wanted to make a 1980’s style teen comedy, complete with sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

I still think a better ending would have been for only the kid to go back to the proper time, and for everyone else to stay in the past and relive their lives. They were all pretty broken down by the lives they had lived, and just dropping them back into circumstances where they were successful, with no first hand knowledge of how they got there, or (perhaps more importantly) no experience with being successful in their endeavors, they’re still going to be the same broken people, only with a bunch of money and prestige that none of them earned, and none of them really know how to live with.

That’s actually kind of creepy…uggghh!

Most time travel movies are the same I suppose, full of fridge logic.

I agree with this, it would have been more satisfying but less dramatic I suppose.