I took the bullet so you wouldn't have to: Hot Tub Time Machine

Oh the agony, this movie is ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-d. And before you are all like, “what made you think it would be good” let me just say, nothing. But I am an eternal optimist and I thought, maybe, just maybe it would be like The Hangover.

Alas, it is not. It is not funny, the characters are idiots, and the folks who adminster the SAT called and said my SAT scores - from 25 years ao - had been manually adjusted downward because I watched the movie.

So please, do not make my sacrifiace one made in vain. Do not see Hot Tub Time Machine

I think you have a budding career as the next Roger Ebert!

Seriously, though, what did you expect? Really, I’d like to know, since your review doesn’t describe at all how your vision of a well-made movie called “Hot Tub Time Machine” differs from what you actually saw.

Well, I didn’t think The Hangover was very good, so maybe I should skip this one altogether (though I did have a perverse desire to see it when I first saw the trailer).

So if we thought The Hangover was the Blue Bird of suckbusses…

I didn’t think The Hangover was all that good either but I have high hopes for this one. It has Darryl from The Office. You can’t lose with that guy. He’s comedy gold.

I DON’T KNOW! I’m an idiot! That’s why I saw it.

I thought it was marginally better than The Hangover (possibly because The Hangover was incredibly, ridiculously over-hyped), but still not very funny and definitely not worth a full-price ticket.

He’s pretty funny. But he was in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, which was also incredibly, painfully unfunny.

I may watch Hot Tub Time Machine someday, if I see it at the library.

Are there boobs? I’ll watch it if there are boobs.

It’s getting great reviews. I have no desire to see it, but I haven’t seen a negative review yet.

ETA: Till this one.

Thanks for the review. I was going to make plans to see it sometime on Saturday. A friend called and asked to get together, so my plans for the day radically changed for the better.

Yes, there were.

Darn. I was afraid of that, but I really wanted it to be good. I like the cast, I like the 80’s, and (according to Netflix) I like “goofy comedies.” Why can’t Hollywood produce a decent hot-tub time machine movie?

At one point watching the commercial for the movie, I turned to my husband and said, “Those were the best parts of the movie? How bad is this thing?” It doesn’t look like we’ll be wasting any money on it, either. :slight_smile:

I know! Right?

Actually, I suspect the “best” parts are unusable for TV commercials or green-band trailers…

Actually, Ebert liked it. Cite: http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100324/REVIEWS/100329993

I had a perverse desire to check it out just to see how bad it would be.
I’ll probably wait for the DVD.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.
I saw it Saturday night and thought it was freaking hilarious. It probably helps that I graduated in 88’ so I could relate to the 1986 setting and music.
It was similar to movies like Road Trip and American Pie. Outrageous gross out comedy.
The whole Crispin Glover sideplot just killed me.

They meet him as a bellhop in the future with only one arm. When they travel in the past he’s still the bellhop but with both arms. Whenever they cross paths with him it looks like it’s going to be the moment when he loses his arm. The guys know this and observe with the whole “here it comes, here it comes… damn it!” whenever a near miss happens."

Maybe we should just get you to describe the rest of the movie. I don’t want to actually see it but your spoilered description sure made me chuckle.

Yes he has. I have (or used to) his review of it.

I’m with Hampshire, I liked it. Was it high art? Hell no, but it wasn’t trying to be. I put it on the same level as “Weird Science”, hokey, but fun. I also liked the bell-hop arm side-plot, and the music story by the one guy. Loved that he picked better songs that hadn’t been heard to perform. Didn’t much care either way about the romantic subplot with the reporter slut chick…Overall I enjoyed it, but this wasn’t a movie I went to see expecting anything more than a simple fun story.