A question for British Dopers

In the U. S. we call those little wads of lint under the bed “dust bunnies.” I remember when I was in London that they are called by another name. It’s two words and the first word is Slut’s …
Can anyone tell me what the second word is? It’s something like
Slut’s wool or Slut’s fuzz, etc. Thanks.

Since it was in London was it rhyming slang?

Slut’s Muff => Fluff

Please forgive the passing drunk Paddy :slight_smile:

I’m sure a British poster will be along shor hic tly

I’ll bump this for you while some Brtis are about.

I’ve only heard of “dust bunnies.”

I think I once posted a GQ about how do they breed so rampantly under my bed (especially as I have no carpet, just tiles) but there were no real answers. It’s a mystery.

Dude, talk about an over-ripe imagination…! :smiley:

I’ve never heard them called anything other than dust bunnies. Must just be a London thing.

A google search using the words “dust bunnies” and “slut” yielded some info.

a period term for dust bunnies was slut’s wool


Mr Jim, my namesake, I am most impressed.

Although I have no cite for it, I know of a number of (older) people who use the term ‘slut’ to refer to messy, slovenly people - so there could be a link there.


“Slut” originally meant an untidy, slatternly, slovenly woman; it’s sexual connotation is relatively modern.

That’s it…slut’s wool! I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the help. Now I can sleep tonight instead of trying to remember what they are called. :smiley: As to the other responses…suggestions…thanks for the giggles. :smiley:

So did anyone mention the Sluts Snatch while you were here ?

I’m sure Yojimbo will be along shortly to remind us of it’s slang origins … Slut’s Muff => Fluff … f’king outstanding :smiley: