A question for Doper plumbers

I read a piece where the author claimed that his habit of flushing an occasional cigarette butt down the toilet had caused blockage resulting in an expensive repair. My reaction is :dubious: .

Is this possible? Have you ever heard of it?

I think it is more likely there is a chick plumber, like the TV commercial, and he is putting more down the john than he claims.
Confession, I am not a plumber, but a father of daughters, and white mice are a problem not cig-butts. even if the whole ashtray is emptied unless it is gallon size.

Wouldn’t that be red mice?

Seems there’d have to be confounds in order for single cigarette butts to cause a problem, though.

Semi-WAG, it wasn’t the toilet that got blocked up, it was the septic tank, requiring it to be pumped out.

CMC +fnord!

Cigarette butts don’t clog toilets. What comes from the butts of cigarette smokers is a different issue. :wink:

We just bought a new toilet. While shopping, I noticed one that said it could flush 24 golf balls at once: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.03/toilet.html

I suspect that a cigarette butt would not be a problem…

The only thing I can think of would be that there might have been a rough spot or something where the butt could get hung up. Thus providing a platform for further butts or other debris to collect on.

Cig butts don’t dissolve in water the way paper or other organic materiels would so they wouldn’t wash away over time.

Cigarette butts are organic (cotton), but you’re right in that it doesn’t dissolve, per se, which is why the USA makes its money out of it. It’d be pretty shitty if our dollar bills denigrated if we accidentally left it in our pant pockets when we put them in the wash!

Yes, the butts “could” cause a problem if there are tree roots in the sewer line. anything fibrous will get snagged. For that to happen the butts would have to come apart which I wouldn’t think likely.

Exactly my thought - a problem independent of the butts themselves. The blockage likely would occurred sooner or later even without them.