Are Cigarette Smokers Pigs?

Why do people who smoke constantly throw their cigarette butts out their car window, in the street, and in the grassy area next to the ash-can set there for them in their smoking area?

Cig butts are biodegradable. We are giving back to Nature!

Actually, they are NOT biodegradable.

hoynt Not all of us do this, so please refrain from tarring everyone with the same brush.

I could ask, in the same way, why people who eat fast food seem consistently unable to find a trash receptacle.

In the same way, I would be unfairly suggesting that all people who eat fast food throw their garbage willy-nilly onto the streets

I’ll just agree with UnwrittenNocturne. The only part of my cig that ends up on the ground is the tobacco that I pinch out of it before I toss the filter in the trash.

This probably isn’t a great debate, but I can’t lay off the topic.

If I ever have road rage, it’s gonna be because the jerk in front of me flicked their butt out the window.
This is an incredibly selfish act, one that displays absolute disregard for others, and the earth. It is an act that states "my immediate convenience is way more important than any long term consequences for everyone.
The same could be said for all littering, but some smokers have the opportunity to litter in this way 20 times or more, and it comes after they’ve just emitted that nasty smelling smoke into the air. Then they flick the little butt, that let’s face it, no one, not even an “adopt a highway” crew will ever pick up.

Make them all filterless for god’s sake!

The paper’s biodegradable, the tobacco is too, and if one smokes, one is obviously not too preocupied with the intake of toxins.

I’m always amused by the folks holding their cigarette out the car window at arm’s length, obviously aware of how foul and disgusting it is; yet they continue to engage in the habit.

I think smokers are cruel to cigarettes. How would you like it if someone lit YOUR head, and then sucked the life outta YOU, and then stepped on YOUR butt? Maybe you should be a little more thoughtful from now on…:mad:

I’ve been in that relationship… :eek:

Put my vote in the “Pigs” colum.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Its never really bothered me,an im a highschool student who walks all over them stepping out of the school, so i would have to say not pigs.

Cotton and paper are not biodegradable? In what alternate universe?

I fail to see what is so difficult about using an ashtray. Urine is biodegradable too, but it’s not acceptable to take a whiz wherever you want to, either . . .

well unless your a guy, man you wouldnt believe the places ive pissed, the roof of my school being the favorite. The wall behind a police station is a close runner up.

Well, first of all, it’s not cotton.

Now stop littering.

For many (and I won’t say most) cigarette smokers, the world is their ashtray. I’ve seen people toss a butt who would never throw a candy wrapper on the ground. I stick to cigars. 100% biodegradable. And I don’t toss the butts anyway.

I’d guess about 99% of them are, or there wouldn’t be so much smokertrash littering the planet. Ugh. I know all of them don’t do it; some friends of mine in particular who smoke I know to be very considerate and tidy. I assume they are so even when I’m not around.

I was walking around the other day and I saw a smoker approach, then veer off towards a garbage can with his butt poised. I was prepared to watch him crush it out on the metal lid and deposit it neatly within. I was prepared to thank him for being so unusually courteous. About 3 feet from the bin, he pitched the lighted butt in its direction, it rolled off the top and off the other side onto the ground, still burning. So I delivered a dirty look instead of my grateful speech. I hope he steps on some gum. Pig.

To the smokers who are considerate and clean: Thank you. It is noticed and appreciated.

To the rest of you: Pigs.

What ashtrays, pray tell? You’ve taken them all away. Used to be, they were everywhere. Including on my desk at work. Or in the bathrooms, at the mall, in the airport. Not any more. Or in the lobbies of office buildings. Nope, not anymore, can’t smoke indoors. Ok then, how about outside? Nope, not by the entrances, anyway. Around my office, there is one ashtray in the loading dock, and I swear someone is gonna get run over some day.

So you take away practically ALL the ashtrays, and then complain when people don’t use them? That makes sense. :rolleyes:

So, you can’t put the cigarette out and throw it in the trash?