A question for the broads: Do you find 'broad' offensive?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Sinatra lately, and it would seem have taken to using the term ‘broad’ much more than I used to.(Pronouncing ‘brod,’ rhyming with ‘rod’ as opposed to ‘brawd’ rhyming with ‘laud.’)

BUt I also got to thinking that maybe I’m offending half of the population. So is saying, “Look at all the broads standing by the pool!” offensive?

How about, “That dame is a fine looking broad.”
To sum up: ladies: is ‘broad’ offensive to you? To me, it’s a cool, old-timey-type term. But then again, I’m not a chick.


I don’t find it particularly offensive because it means you are a Really Old Guy and therefore probably senile. Sorry.

I am happy to be a broad, a dame and a skirt.

In my younger days, I was something of a moll, a doxie and bird.

Nope, I’m perfectly happy to claim my broad status.

Me too. I’ll take any of those over bat, bag or crone.

I’m especially fond of “not bad for an old broad.” :cool:

IMO It sounds rude and smacks of disrespect.

I don’t find it offensive. I use the word broad almost everyday. I admit, though, I don’t use when speaking to people I don’t know, don’t know well or seem likely to be offended by it.

Well, considering I’m neither old (28) nor senile (nutty as a fruitcake != senile), you might want to rethink your hypothesis. :slight_smile:


Girl, broad, chick, skirt, moll,dame, toots…but not Old Lady.

Nope. Words like “broad” and “chick” seem harmless and casual, so I don’t find them offensive. However I too would avoid using them to describe someone else if I didnt know how she felt about the word.

Broad… hmmm. B–r--o–a--d… wait a minute, err… hmmm. It’s not offensive and it’s not complimentary… it’s just sort of “there”. It almost has a sense of “old” about it but not the way you (Happy) think. More like, she’s an old broad. Or even a sense of “not good” as in she’s an ugly broad…

HEY! Wait a minute! I think I’m offended! I’ll have to get back to you on this later.

I certainly wouldn’t be offended. I imagine a broad would wear a tightish sweater gently hugging her assets, a just-below-knee-length fitted skirt slit up the back, stockings, and pointy heels. Or is that a dame?

Naw, it just strikes me as a “regional” type use. Like someone else said, “old dudes use it”.

Or to me… ‘New York Cityish/Sinatra, “tough guy” slightly mafia types’ use it.

To me, it reflects more upon the person using it, than upon the intended “target”.

I’m none too fond of “broad” and I don’t use the term, but I’m not likely to deck someone who uses it. The word that grates on my ears is “gal” - I have no idea why, but I hate that word! I also hate when people refer to women as “girls.” Once you’re of legal age, you’re not a girl.

The absolute worst is “young lady” - so condescending! I’ll take “Hey, you!” before that.

I think I would laugh if someone used it. Just like I would laugh if someone said “far out!” In fact, I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t laugh. It’s a very funny word.

That’s what I think too. I mean, I don’t use it thinking I’m Mr. Hipster Mafia-guy Sinatra or anything.

And it’s not like I use it exclusively, only in certain situations. And the more I think about it, I usually only use it in the plural, as in referring to a specific group of ladies or females in general.

I can’t imagine saying, “Hey broad, gitoverhere!”


I kinda don’t like it. It seems un-flattering. Reminds me of old women with floppy hats at the beach, wearing their black one-piece with the stretchy thing over the tummy.

OTOH it beats a lot of other things I’ve been called. :wink:

Unlike FCM, the term ‘gal’ doesn’t bother me. It seems to describe some youthful woman who is confident and capable.

Weird side note: an aquaintance of mine (another civil engineer) who is in his 20’s calls me “doll”. I’ve never had anyone else call me “doll”. Oh well.

(Guy talking) I think broad has probably become less insulting because it’s regarded as such an outdated, campy kind of term. Outside of Sinatra and the mob (but I repeat myself), nobody has used the term seriously for decades. It makes me think of good old reliable Nathan- Nathan Nathan Nathan De-troit. :wink:

I would assume that you are intentionally using an outdated term because it’s funny. I wouldn’t be offended unless you used it offensively. Like most nicknames for women, it all depends on context. My first reaction would be to think it was pretty funny, although it does make me think of the “Fat Broad” in the B.C. comics.

For the most part, broad (like chick) comes across as dismissive and rude. It’s even worse when it’s not even really meant to be derogatory, because that implies that someone is just casually disregarding your humanity without even thinking about it. It says that because you’re just a woman, you’re inherently not worth the effort and respect it takes to refer to you as a woman.

It’s worse, to me, than being called an old biddy, or a bitch, or a cunt, or any other personal insult you can come up with. Those at least imply that you’re worth the effort of insulting you in particular.