A question for the lawyers, but not exactly legal advice

Years ago, as a paralegal, one of the things I knew how to do was what was called a Blue Sky filing. Essentially, making sure that a certain client would be compliant with the securities laws in all the jurisdictions in which that client would be doing business.

This turned out to be a valuable, marketable skill. But I haven’t done it in more than ten years, and the laws have changed. (I have no idea how they’ve changed, but I know they have.)

So is there even a point to putting this skill on my resume? If you were hiring an assistant/paralegal, would it matter?

What I’m thinking is, I wasn’t born knowing how to do this and I learned it once and could do it again. But on the other hand, most law offices don’t particularly want to spend time training underlings to do this kind of thing, and they’re not interested in hearing about rusty skills.

From 2006-2007 I was a law clerk at a consulting firm that did a lot of securities and banking stuff. I never did any myself, but I definitely heard people talking about doing Blue Sky filings.

So as of mid-2007, that was still a thing that people did. Hope that helps.

Come to think of it, I work with some CPAs, at least one of whom has his Series 6 (or is it Series 7?) license. I’ll ask him when I’m in the office tomorrow, and come back with better info.

Securities lawyer here. We still do some blue sky work, but it has become much less important since the passage of the National Securities Market Improvements Act in 1996, which substantially reduced the number and importance of blue sky filings. However, I have had to oversee some 50-state surveys since then. Knowledge that you have done blue sky work would be a plus, but not enough to hire you all by itself (unlike in 1995, when people were hired just to do that). Your presumed rustiness would be an issue, but not necessarily a show-stopper.

What might be a show-stopper is that there isn’t a whole lot of hiring going on right now.

Thanks! Tell me about not a lot of hiring. Yeesh!

My thoughts are that generally speaking, any experience dealing with complex regulatory law is A Good Thing. Its something you can spin to your advantage in a cover letter for any job that has some significant regulatory aspects.

Good Luck! As a recent law school grad, I would say that while the hiring market for lawyers is down, the people that are hiring, are hiring experienced paralegals. I think you’re as well situated as it is possible to be right now.

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