A question for the people who wear those new running shoes with all the toes showing


I don’t need to see that Planet of the Apes shit. Put some shoes on!

Of course, I’ll be first in line when the inevitable models with prosthetically extended toes and paintable nails hit the market. . . .

Where? I live in the desert and, come May, I’d kill for a pair of decent running sandals, no matter how douchey they look.

Believe it or not they feel good. I own a pair of these. My feet no longer hurt after the first mile and a half.

There’s two ways to take that statement, Syntropy. :wink:

This is true. :stuck_out_tongue: I should say: after the first mile and a half my feet still feel comfortable and ready to go another 3.5.

They are definitely creepy. Not as creepy as people with gross feet wearing birkenstocks, though.

What the what?!?!

Those are some weird-ass running shoes. But if they work, knock yourself out.

Heh. I run barefoot - tough titty for you and other feet haters!

Oh, and the reason I run barefoot is because it totally eliminated all the pain and (mild, thank god) injuries I used to get from running in padded shoes (and therefore heel-striking) with my 1/2" leg length discrepancy. Also it shrank my feet a half size and gave me killer calves. What’s not to love, really. Running barefoot is as easy as breathing. And no, I never hurt my feet, because I look at the ground when I run to avoid things like glass and rocks.

lissner where are you at that you have a chance to study the feet of runners? Are you running with them? If I’m in the vicinity of runners they’re either running by my slow-walking ass or I’m overtaking them in a car. I rarely ever see runners in groups of more than two, if grouped at all.

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a runner’s feet long enough to be offended by their shoes. More likely I am just watching them go by and feeling ashamed.

Hold it - first I can’t wear socks with my birks, now you don’t want to see my hairy Hobbit-esque toes?

Don’t you get blisters on the sides of your toes? I’m sure I would. . . I never could stand even those socks with the toes in them.

I’m seeing them more and more around here and have asked a few folks how they feel. Everyone raves about them and I can see the merit in wearing these types of shoes.

I saw a guy running in the snow with them a few weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to ask if his feet were really cold or not. I assume yes (you don’t wear socks with them, obviously).

I would like to try them out, but haven’t yet got the nerve to buy a pair.

I wear them for squats and deadlifts. I only wear them to the gym (and occasionally for bouldering, which I don’t do enough to buy proper shoes), but I like the way I can feel different surfaces underneath my feet. It’s also made me more aware of my stride; I used to very occasionally drag my right foot when walking, which I don’t feel in regular shoes, but in the Vibrams the pain of my big toe hitting the ground made me correct my stride.

I hate how they look, but they’re insanely comfortable. My husband wears them for running and is looking to buy a second pair when the online retailers get new stock. We get asked about them all the time at the gym - it’s always guys who have heard about the shoes and want to know if they’re really all that great. (They are!)

Want! Do you run on sidewalks and pavement, like in the city? I really want to try those because all running shoes hurt me. But I run along sidewalks until I get to the path about 10 blocks away. I have such a hard time believing I won’t hurt myself.

I do. It doesn’t hurt a bit; if anything allowing my toes that kind of purchase has helped my stride. I don’t even get shinsplints the way I did before I started wearing them.

I know a woman who runs at least ten miles a day. A couple of months ago she was complaining about how she made the mistake of doing a long run in new shoes. It pulled off the nail on her small toe.

I’d think that was a good reason to wear weird shoes.

Slightly off-topic, do you know if the Sprints are comfy too?

On the bus. I’m in Seattle.

I tried those on as well. They are comfy; I prefer the KSO because of the upper. Find a store and try the styles that appeal to you. It’s a matter of personal preference.