I got a pair of those Vibram Five Fingers barefoot shoes.

I’ve got to tell somebody…

I bought a pair of these (grey, not the ugly camo) in anticipation of running a 5k with my wife. I love them so far. I ran 5k on a treadmill yesterday with no foot or shin pain. Previous attempts at that feat were met with shin splint pain inside of a ½ mile, and sore heels soon after.

I’ve also done a little trail-walking, and you definitely feel every little pebble under your feet, but the run will be on pavement. My next step is to run out in the real world.

My only concern is I started getting some rubbing in my right big toe, and it could become a blister. I’m considering getting thin toe socks to help with that.

Yeah! another convert to the silly shoe club. My dog starts running around like a loon when I put on the silly shoes because it is walkies time.

I’m curious to see how you like them? I’ve eyeballed those before and thought “hmmmmm…”

I’m a big fan of being barefoot and generally don’t like shoes. I also have a lot of foot/knee pain when I try to walk distance. I wonder if the barefoot model would help…

I bought them and started having pain in my Achilles heal and the heals of my foot. I ended up going back to my regular running shoes.

Perfect timing - I had asked about them just a couple of weeks ago. I’m planning on getting a pair (though I missed the deadline for 20% off at REI… boo…). Not so much for running in my case (I have trouble even walking due to knee problems) but because I tend to trip over my own feet when walking in regular shoes. Some nasty injuries have ensued.

But, I’ve never hurt myself while barefoot, so…

One of us! One of us! :slight_smile:

I’ve had the shoes for about 2-3 weeks now and it’s gotten me psyched about running in the mornings. Mileages will vary, but I love my vibrams. Since I started running in them, my arch pain in my left foot has disappeared and I’m running my time faster. Try it on some grass at a park or just any well manicured lawn. It feels… luxurious.

For toe socks, try the local Japanese markets if you have them. I think the vibrams website wants ~$12 a pair, but at my local Japanese store, I can get a pair for $2.50.

Go easy on yourself to start out. You will be using muscles you don’t normally use when wearing running shoes. Therefore, you may experience pain, soreness, and fatigue the first few days. It is much easier to injure yourself if you push past your limits while you’re reconditioning these muscles.

You’ll notice immediately, your gait will change and if you were historically a heel-strike runner, your body will now easily adapt to midfoot-strike. Your arches will now absorb the shock of running and your joints will thank you in the long run. You’ll find you’re running more efficiently and with far fewer running-related injuries. After long-term use, you might find the shape of your foot changing and I do recommend getting sized whenever purchasing a new pair of shoes. I find it’s quite common to see changes in shoe size.

You will want to wear your Five Fingers often. With regard to blistering or rubbing, try Injinji socks. They are very lightweight and shouldn’t make the Five Fingers fit any tighter.

Have fun, enjoy your feet and run safely.

Disclaimer: I’m required to say that I do work for REI, but everything I’m posting here is my own personal opinion and I do not herein represent REI in any manner.

P.S. to Mama Zappa: Watch your mail. The anniversary sale is coming up. Much savings to be had.

P.P.S. to anyone else wanting to buy VFF: Good luck finding them and get them while they’re hot. They. Are. Hot. And rather difficult to keep in stock. Vibram is experiencing tremendous growth.

When should I start looking at REI?

You can get them onlinenow. As far as in store goes, some have them and some don’t. There aren’t enough VFFs to supply every store, but you should definitely go in and get fitted. Any store can fit you, but it’s such a precise fit, you may need to try it on or order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit (especially if you have Morton’s toe, like me).

The toe socks definitely help. As to running outside, remember it’s going to be a lot harder then the treadmill - so I would ease into it.

I’ll admit a healthy dose of skepticism about these. I’m willing to keep my mind open and have my opinion changed, but they strike me as gimmicky. If they’re still around and receiving praise in 2-3 years I’ll be surprised. But just to put my money where my mouth is, if that does happen, I’ll buy a pair.

I saw a guy wearing them in the mall yesterday. He was, by all appearances, not interested in the running benefits.

Yeah I don’t run, but I’d like something more comfortable for going on walks/hikes*. I hate shoes and love being barefoot. I find my feet feel clumsy in shoes.
*by hikes I mean walks through the woods, not climbing mountains.

Humans evolved over thousands and thousands of years running on bare feet. If anything, Nikes are gimmicky.

TIME magazine named them a best invention back in 2007.

Calf pain. Like the first run of the year, only worse. But it’s the kind of pain I know will go away with more usage like feeling sore after a good workout or an especially vigourous hockey game.

I sure do wish the KSO Treks would make it to Calgary.

I can’t believe an SNL fake product made it into the real world! Next thing you know we’ll be having edible baby diapers…

I have a pair as well - and a bunion that’s not painful on my right foot. Makes putting them on a bit of a challenge but they are very comfortable. The only problem I have with them is that my feet sweat a bit when I wear them (I know, TMI). Still just walking in them, haven’t moved up to jogging/running yet.

I don’t know about you lot, but I would expect something a little more, well, stimulating from a product called Vibram Five Fingers.

You and your dirty mind. I had to adjust the thread title so it didn’t sound like I shoplifted the shoes.

I want a pair - but they don’t make them in size 15 (mens).