A Question for those of you who have played The Longest Journey beyond Chapter Ten:

Here’s the scenario: I’ve just taken the Elevators to the top level of Metro Square. I’ve gone to Clothing Store and purchased clothing more appropriate for the setting, and took the shuttle to the MTI Building. I spoke to the Cop standing just outside the building and then went inside and spoke to Jerry… err, Gerald. I made sure I said everything the game would let me say, running through all my options until I had none left. When Gerald finally kicked me out of the building, I took the shuttle back and went to the Tubes. I spoke to the Representative at the desk, again running through every possible conversation I could before she wouldn’t talk to me any more.

At this point, I believe I have spoken to every person possible on the second level of Metro Square. I was getting frusterated because nothing was happening… So, after half an hour of running around I decided to gasp look up hints for The Longest Journey. I found a very comprehensive hints page (here if you must know) and it told me I had to deliver a pizza to Gerald to make any more progress. This thought occured to me before, but that damn Bingo Pizza Machine was broken and I couldn’t find another way to get the pizza. The hints page told me I had to talk to everyone in the second level of Metro Square, walk to the pizza machine again, and someone would be throwing pizza into a trash bin or something. I was supposed to talk to this man, and get his pizza I guess.

So anyway, I went back to the game, talked to everyone that I could (the Representative, Gerald and that Cop but nothing happend when I returned to the pizza vendor. So, my question is: Am I missing something here, or is my game broken? The only thing I can think of is that I am supposed to talk to one of the people at that table in front of the pizza vendor, the man or the nurse, but I cannot highlight them. So here I am… stuck, unable to go on. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you get past it (if you did at all…)?

Questions about computer games generally go over in MPSIMS. I’ll move this one over there for you.

Yeah, I was stuck here too. What the hint thingy doesn’t tell you is you have to go back to see the guy in the warehouse first (the guy in the hovercraft with the really bad language). There’s something you have to give him to figure out for you or pick something up from him, I forget which, (not the fake identicard, you already have that) but when you go to see him again, and THEN go back to the elevator, you’ll see someone tossing a pizza into the trash. It seems to hinge on going to see the weird dude in the warehouse again. Then it all falls into place, IIRC. I spent a day or so on this and thought there was a major glitch in the game. But I think it was just a somewhat crappy continuity problem in their hint thingy.

It worked! thanks, I finished the game a few minutes ago. Not bad.