A question for women: How to start a period

OK, I’m definitely not pregnant (I checked), but I need to get my period the next couple of days - it’s 2 days late already. I was emotionally whacked out around Memorial Day and it’s thrown off my cycle as I’m usually very regular. Are there any herbs that can help, old wives tales, I’ll try anything. I’m going away next weekend and I really, really want to have it over by then.

My doctor did it by giving me progesterone. But that’s because I’m rotten inside. I do not think it’s recommended for someone who is a few days late.

Have an orgasm. Seriously. Thrumming on the ole love banjo is a good way to bring on a stubborn period.

Plus, it’s an excellent excuse.

Also good for cramps, BTW.

Wear white pants.

Seriously, orgasms, herbs, visualizations - nothing seemed to bring on a late period for me other than whenever my body decided it was good and ready. So I just try to go with the flow (so to speak) and not get myself too agitated if it started during a time when I wish it hadn’t.

Here’s hoping that you get your period and it’s over with by next weekend!

Like brachyrhynchos said - white pants. With brand new sexy undies underneath. Almost a guarantee that your friend will make an appearance.
For good measure. try getting yourself into a situation at work where being hormonal can really get your ass into trouble too - worked for me…in spades. :smack:

Anther vote for sex. It worked for me this morning.

Go on a week-long river-rafting trip. That always seems to do the trick for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. :eek: Thanks for that Gemma

I would advise relaxing yourself, nothing throws your body out of whack more than stress, you said it yourself. I second sex.

Works for me…hang on, I’m a dude, no it doesn’t. In fact what am I talking about? Why am I here?

It’s them damn man-ovaries playing up again.

When you come into a thread about periods, you should know you’re getting into TMI territory. :smiley:

I hadn’t thought about it before, but sex does work.

A couple months ago I was so stressed out that I was pushing my schedule way off…my husband offered a backrub and…well…you know.

It felt wonderful and relaxed me enough to…let nature take its course.

Had sex last night, plus a mighty fine orgasm, and just now seeing a glimmer of hope!! Yes, I think I might be safe for next weekend, I’ll know definitely in a couple of hours. Just the thought of missing out on some incredible sex next weekend had me so pissed off!!! Thanks for all the great advice, guys too.