A question on the positive sides of religions

The recent threads on Islam caused me to think, and a question arose: looking purely at the positive sides of the major religions - we’re ignoring the Thou shalt not… and the Jihad - here are the major religions really that different? Christianity and Islam both have the tenets of Faith, Charity etc. So does Confuscianism have Indomitable Spirit and Courtesy.
Buddhism has the Reverence for Life, and so on.

So we really should be a happy band of brothers and sisters, right?

If followers of all the major religions were devoted primarily to the commands that the founders and/or sacred texts of those religions placed the most emphasis on, then yes.

It’s one question whether the religions themselves are much the same; it’s a different question whether the morals, ethics, and values they teach are much the same. A religion is more than a code of behavior.

With that caveat, the OP has a good point.