A Question re Prescription Drugs (maybe TMI)

Short version: I was on painkillers and muscle relaxants because of a back injury for over a year. I’ve also been on a couple other prescriptions which have nothing to do with the injury. A couple of weeks ago my doctor switched my meds around, and I ended up in the ER with the shakes, erratic mood swings, and a pile-driver headache.

The ER doc, in addition to telling me inform my doc immediately, suggested that I had come close to actually OD’ing on the meds (yes, I took the recommended dosages, nothing more, nothing less). He told me to stop taking them immediately, which I did.

I realize what I’ve been going through since then is a withdrawl --headaches, mood swings, among other symptoms. I did a Google search on detoxification and could not find anything specifically relating to my particular case. The upshot is that I could very well be experiencing these effects for a very long time.

What I’m asking is twofold:

  1. Are there any other Dopers out there who know anything about detox from prescription drugs?

  2. And, if there are any Doper MD’s or other health-care professionals – what would you recommend I should do next?

I’m changing doctors, btw…

Oh, mods – if you feel this should be moved, go right ahead…

before even venturing any comments in the most general sense, I’d want to know what drugs you were talking about.

Maybe you should check “antidote.” I had a severe allergic reaction to a medicine & then had to use an antidote for a while. I guess that was a detox. I hope you feel better.

Like Qadgop says, your question cannot be accuately answered without knowing what you were, and currently are on. If your doctor “switched your meds around” as you said, he/ she must have done it for a reason. What was it? What you say about overdose doesn’t make sense, cause generally an overdose involves symptoms like oversedation and general mental loopiness. I find it hard to believe an ER doctor would tell someone who is on pain meds for over a year to just “stop taking” them “immediately” .Is there someting more you need to tell us? Do you like your previous meds better than the new stuff?

It is inappropriate for anyone on an internet message board, who has not seen and examined you in person, to advise you re. these issues. Go back to your doctor - or go to a new one - and tell them exactly what you’ve taken, what your experience was, and anything else about your medical history that is relevant. Please don’t rely on the SDMB for this kind of thing. Thread closed.