A question to those who think Oswald killed Kennedy.

What are your thoughts on why Oswald denied the killing of JFK?

It seems curious to me that a person supposedly of such a revolutionary bent, would not try to claim responsibilty immediately, but I’d like to see what others think.

Cause he didn’t want to go to prison.

I thought everyone knew that JFK was blasted by an alien death ray.

That was back in the day when people didn’t take pride in committing major crimes, or commit them in order to become famous. Decent criminals lied about their wrongdoings just like the rest of us.

Well, because he…I mean, the reason…

Holy crap, Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy!

Can we link this thread with the Jimi Hendrix saga?

I think any revolutionary, when faced with a choice to either

  1. Attack his target and get away with it or
  2. Attack his target and go to jail for life or be executed

is going to choose 1. Why wouldn’t he?

Years ago when I taught swimming lessons, I had a student who crapped in his bathing while practicing swimming motions on the apron of the pool. He denied that he was the perpetrator of the turds in his own swimsuit. This has profoundly influenced my reaction to all denials.

Because he was a cowardly little shit who wanted fame in the worst way.
And got it.

Oswald wasn’t a revolutionary. His interest in communism was fleeting and by 1962 he had given it up.

He was basically a egomaniac – he wanted to do something big. He was already getting what he wanted without confessing: attention. It was clear that he loved being the center of attention; many people commented on his “smirk” while he was being questioned.

By denying his guilt, he could enjoy the trial as they brought out witnesses, all of which would be, in effect, testifying as to the brilliance of his actions.

Norman Mailer speculated that Oswald originally planned to confess to JFK’s killing, but then killed Officer Tippet in a panic, and he did not want to confess to that crime, so then he had to deny both crimes.

interesting idea I think, but just speculation. I guess we will just never know

Crazy psychopathic serial killers deny killing people. It’s human nature to deny wrongdoing.

Oh, and the google ads say “Want to exit the Matrix?” Or something like that.

After all, it was you and me.

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Because “they” told Oswald to deny killing JFK.
Just like “they” told you to start this thread.

Some great insight into Doper’s thought processes here. Keep it up, gang.

I think I remember The Warren Commission saying it was the most determined case of suicide ever seen. My memory may be a little off.

Can you even comprehend what the hell Oswald must have been going through to have just blown the President’s head to pieces, then to scurry down and out, seemingly escape and then be confronted by an officer who he suddenly killed (after just killing the president with a plan). The chaos and mayhem, and he is supposed to come out and admit it?

Based on his actions, from the moment he killed and thereafter, there is no indication that he was one of the types to take credit. His actions all scream “evade capture”.

Someone above described him as an “ego-maniac”. Can we decide one way or another?

The guy was in Texas, where premeditated murder was a capital crime. Confessing to a death eligible offense without an iron clad plea agreement in place is not wise. Oswald was smart enough to realize that.

You asked why somebody would kill a person and then deny doing so.

Post #2 nailed it.

Not sure what further “thought processes” you’re expecting here.