A quick giggle for you - Michelle Obama

Using Google Images (moderate search), google Michelle Obama.

The people who google bombed during the Bush era are back.

All I got was a picture of Kim Hunter.

So making the First Lady look like a monkey is a giggle, eh? Especially with the racist overtones it implies?

Not that I’m saying YOU’RE (yes I mean you)a racist, just that some people certainly will see it that way.

Yeah - that’s not giggle worthy. That’s offensive.

Hilarious. The epitome of wit.


All I got was a series of pictures of Michelle Obama. Although the high school pic was amusing. (Granted, my high school pics are probably funnier).

I just can’t help wondering if it is the same people who did the Bush ones - anything to stir the pot?
EDIT: It’s weird that the offensive pictures only turn up on Moderate search, and not safe search off.

Same here.

The good news: I’m not seeing the images Laudenum is talking about. The bad news: I knew it was going to be monkey pictures. Can you reverse or counteract a Google bombing? Maybe that’s been done here.

I’m going to say it’s exceptionally unlikely.

I saw an article that says it’s been taken down. But IIRC, it was this picture but with more of a monkey countenance.

I think she looks good as a monkey

What racism? Public figures are often compared with animals:

The only reason to compare Michelle Obama to a monkey is because shes black, theres NO other reason. Shes not a politician, she doesn’t make policy, comparing this to Bush who was compared to a chimp because of his incompetence and saying its not racist is deliberate stupidity. Its obviously and blatantly racist and you are a jackass if you think its in any way shape or form amusing.

Urrg, well, here’s an antidote to that kinda crap.

I’ve seen sexier pictures of her.

OK, then, ya win the whole falutin’ Giggletubes!

I don’t think she’s all that pretty, but I don’t think she’s a monkey. Can I play?

Sure, go for easy nostrils and lips, Har Har, and idiot allusions ,for $9.99, Alex.

I searched for “michelle obama.” Right under the number of results I got “Related searches: michelle obama monkey”.

Looks like this monkey stuff is here to stay. And it always will be, as long as people keep shitting their pants about ZOMGMONKEYSRACISMZOMGMONKEYSRACISM whenever a monkey and a black person are associated in any way.

Guess what - we’re all related to monkeys. Black people are related to monkeys. White people are related to monkeys. All of us are hairless, slightly-more-intelligent monkeys, so just accept it.