A quick mundane question regarding Aussie slang

OK, here it is. Whilst channel surfing (I’m home with the flu), I cought a few seconds of an Australian children series. No idea what it was, but one thing struck me as strange. Two kids were making an appointment to get together and fight (as OZ kids do, apparently ;)). The Dutch subtitling said zaterdagmiddag, which means “Saturday afternoon”. However, that’s not what the kids said. It sounded something like “Saturday arbo”, for some reason. Some sort of abbreviation perhaps?

Can any of you Bruces or Sheilas enlighten me?

they are actually saying arvo - afternoon.
from http://www.artistwd.com/joyzine/australia/strine/a.htm

an Austrailian- English dictionary

Ignorance fought!

Well, there’s snooker on BBC2 at the moment and Channel 4 has Junkyard Wars at 6.00pm - :smiley:
…now where did I put that cream cake…

Jaysus, that was quick! From a Paddy no less. :wink: