A radical paradigm shift??

Have you ever had a friend tell you something that showed that they saw you in a radically different light than you thought they did? Or made you see yourself a little differently? Just today a female friend of mine said my “closet” misogyny was not so hidden. But what she cited as examples of it I had always just seen as my desire to be around women who are mature. I always knew I was cynical, but I never figured that what I said or did mattered so much to people, at least not in the way this friend portrayed it to me. Sure, I don’t want to have to pamper a woman or coddle her, but that’s just me. I never figured people would take that as indicative of my character. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. Maybe I shouldn’t be posting it on the SDMB? :slight_smile: I just know I feel a little unsettled that people are forming such opinions on me when i don’t think they know me very well. But I also can’t shake this feeling that that is just how the world works, and I’d better get used to it.

I welcome any and all comments on this situation, even critical ones. Older, more experienced Dopers, please impart some of the wisdom you’ve learned from being around. Am I a little off, or just too young?

I should probably also add to the OP that this friend told me that on the one hand she liked me and thought I was a nice guy and enjoyed talking to me, I waS not the kind of guy she would want her friends to date.

Is this weird?

YES! That happened to me.

One girl said “I suppose it was just like something you saw in England”. I was just noticing a nice fountain.

??? I thought back and realized that I will still talking about England 4 months after I had returned (from a 2 month stay).

I quickly changed my stories, not just to her, but to everyone, to avoid this “traveller’s hangover”.