How do you think others see you?

How do you feel others percieve you? Do you worry about what others think a lot, or just expect them to take you as you are? Do you think that what others thought about you has changed a great deal in time, or do you think everyone’s seen you as the ‘same old you’ since they first got to know you? Do you consciously try to alter others’ opinions of you, or just ‘go with the flow’ and act naturally? And finally, how close do they come to the real you in their conceptions?

They don’t.


Eccentric but likeable. Of course, I’m only eccentric to folks in RT. Here, I don’t stand out that much. Which is why I like to post here! :smiley:


For some reason, People always like me on their first impression, but as time goes on they begin to dislike me.

I’m not sure why. My best friends tell me it’s because I’m too honest, I don’t compliment people just for the sake of saying something. And I hate it when people say something to me ( Oh, wow ! Have you lost weight ?) When it’s obvious I haven’t or even wanted too.

But on the good side, I know who my friends are. But sometimes I don’t think people really get to know me all that well before they decide they don’t like me. While I don’t just say nice things about them all the time, when I do it is real.

Smart, but cranky. And kinda tall.

People see me as big, funny, and a good person to have in a pub quiz team. Sometimes they see me as moody or intimidating.

My husband tells me I intimidate people - supposedly being a female engineer who went to Purdue is scary. I don’t think I’m intimidating, tho - I certainly don’t try to be.

I do think people see me as a smart-ass, and I am that way at times. I’ve been known to try to “zing” but it’s come across as being nasty. I’m really not nasty - I just have a twisted sense of humor and the absurd. There are also some people who think I’m nice and sweet and all that nonsense. Whatever.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t care what people think of me, although I don’t like it if their judgement is based on mistakes. For example, I had a coworker accuse me of being a bigot. She’d heard me saying something to another coworker about his ethnic background. What she didn’t hear was when he started it off by jabbing me about my Polish background. I knew he was kidding, he knew I was kidding, but she only heard me mouthing off. So that bothered me a while. I guess it still does, 12 years later. Sheesh, I need to let go!!

My first impression usually comes off as stand offish (a nice word for bitch :slight_smile: ) but it’s only because I’m kinda shy. Once you get to know me though you’ll find I’m smart and funny and can make most anyone laugh. And there’s no telling what I’ll do once you get a few drinks in me!

Strangely, my experience seems to suggest that other people see me exactly different from what I feel they see me. I can’t really explain how I got to this conclusion, but that’s my impression.

Hmmm… interesting question.

My family sees me as a happy, anti-social, fearless, forthright, and completely bizarre exhibitionist whose head sometimes gets stuck in the clouds.

My friends see me as a happy, free-spirited, artistic comedienne and generator of love and happiness, who tends to thrive on Denial and be a bit of a doormat.

My cow-orkers see me as a happy, dorky wisecrack who has a good work ethic, the tendency to be a bit of a doormat, and too many pets.

All of the people above see me as that frog from The Warner Brothers’ cartoon. You know, the one who sings “Hello, my baby…” for the guy, and then the guy rents out the concert hall and sells enough Singing Frog tickets to fill the house…

…and then when the curtain goes up, the frog just sits there on stage and says “Ribbit?”

That’s me, according to numerous sources. Here they go telling other people about their friend/cousin/colleague Auntie Em, about her hilarious stories or her spot-on Cher imitation, they make me out to be this fascinating and wildly entertaining person… Then the other people want to meet me, they want to see “The Show”…

…and all I say is “Ribbit” when the curtain goes up.

I say it serves 'em right, unless I’m getting a percentage of the door… :wink:

From what i know most people see me as charming, quirky and open minded… nothing shocks me… (if they only knew)

People who know me, see me as neurotic, insane but still charming :rolleyes:

Gosh, I’d imagine they see me with their eyes. :smiley:

Okay, how do blind cave fish see you, rjung?

Some folks think I’m quiet, others think I’m standoffish.

Some folks think I’m confident, others think I’m arrogant.

Some folks think I’m honest, others think I’m brutal.

Some folks think I have a strange sense of humor, others think I’m just wierd.

I’ve given up trying to influence how other people perceive me. They’re constantly surprising me anyway.

And I have NO idea how people who can’t see my face (Dopers) perceive me. Any feedback would be welcome.

I really have no idea how other people see me. Any time someone has said something about how they see me (called me nice, or calm, or whatever), it has always surprised me. I don’t particularly worry about how people see me, either - the only thing that bothers me is that people often don’t bother to get to know me because I’m quiet by nature, and easily overlooked. Their loss is all I can say, cause I’m a fascinating person.

As a butt licking freak. There, I said it before he had a chance.

Don’t worry, hillbilly, he’ll be back tomorrow in another oh-so-hard to figure out disguise. Kids these days.

I really don’t know how people see me.

I know some people probably think I’m a real bitch because I don’t like them and make it quite clear. No loss to me. Other people think I’m a pushover. Even more people just think I’m just that nice, sweet, quiet (read: antisocial) person in the corner of the room. Those are the people who are easily shocked at my not-so-outrageous behavior. My teachers must think I’m some kind of ditz. I do feel like it sometimes. Hopefully, my friends see me as I see myself: a sarcastic, cynical person with an extremely loud, fun-loving streak. I don’t know, I never asked them.

I’ve always wondered what people thought of me. I’ve always hated those people who crowd up too close and try to be my friend. I hope I’m not like that. I don’t mean to be. And then there’s all those people I secretly don’t like…I really hope I’m not intruding upon people who secretly don’t like me. That worries me sometimes. I think too much about what people think of me.


Loud and obnoxious or cute and funny. Depends on who you ask.