A Rainy Georgia Day At The Library (VERY MPSIMS)

Coming out of the library today I offered a lady the sharing of my umbrella to her car. Yeah, she was in her mid 70’s, but if we had encountered a dragon, I’m sure she would have turned into a beautiful young princess and my umbrella would have been instantly transformed into Excalibur. It probably happened anyway, in a parallell universe. Or something.

I don’t usually post stuff like this, but I very badly needed to feel good about something today, and now I do. So thank you nameless lady for taking my arm and allowing me to escort you to your vehicle, thereby saving your just-shampooed hair from becoming wet.

Quasi does a James Brown “scoot”!



Plus, right now she’s bending someone’s ear about the nice young person who was so helpful. (That would be you.)

And just think, the way things have been going in NW Georgia this year you’ll have plenty of more opportunities to share your umbrella.

Did you get her number?




PS: I have often wondered if that number has been eliminated since that song came out? I mean, just think: Here’s a perv with nothing better to do than try different area codes with that number following?

I have got to stop hijacking my own threads! Is there a support group for Dopers like me??? :smiley:


Tell me about it. With all the flooding, rain, power outages, and morons who can’t drive in the rain, I feel like I moved back to New Orleans.