A random TT bike I thought I'd share.

I took it at Governor’s Bridge (5 minute walk from where I live) on the way to work (sort of)

It’s a random bike because I only stayed for about 2 minutes and I am not enough of a TT fan to know the competetors, but pictures of bikes going fast are good benchmarks for photography and the one I took is quite good if I do say so myself.
A week later I watched the Senior TT race. The bikes were going too fast (I was at creg-ny-ba, don’t ask me how to spell it) so I wondered up to kate’s cottage and got two good (but not as good as the linked pic) pics.
Next year I will take more time off work and attend more races… Quarterbridge is a good spot for pictures. By then I might have a big boy’s camera (a real digital SLR)

Here are some from the Senior TT

Great pic! Keep em coming!

I read your mind.


I’ll say so, too. How many shots had the pan speed wrong? The TT is way whacked.

I am going to guess you mean how many of the shots I took were blurred because I didn’t pan fast or accurately enough.

The answer is nearly all of them.

I took a few good films by using the force (ignoring the viewfinders and just pointing the camera at the bike as it went past)

If by ‘whacked’ you mean crazy/insane. That’s true. It is taken for granted that people will die every year. This year four people died (three bikers and a marshal) That’s about normal.

It’s sad, but the bikers know what they are letting themselves in for, so do the marshals (to a lesser extent) and the spectators. I’ve been in the line of fire of a sidecar that lost control myself.

I’ve had good luck with 1000 speed film for getting good bike pictures. Haven’t tried it with a digital camera yet.

Post more, post more!

So living there what is it like while the TT is on? Does all normal activity stop?

Oh gawd, the Isle of Man TT. I swear, I’m going to race it one year! I swear!

This has always been my fav TT pic:

RIP, David Jefferies.

Oh, and on the photography side, I’ve tried taking pics of fast bikes, its not easy. Your’s are pretty good. I have a digital camera (Powershot A60) and while its not an SLR and isnt the best optically, it does have a full manual mode. Definitely shoot iso 1000. I also prefocus on the spot where I want to capture the bike, and try to time the shot during the pan or when the bike enters the frame.

A perfect pan isnt easy to pull off, but the results are great. When you get good at it you can shoot at a slower speed. This will have the subject still focused but blur the background for that nice speed effect.

Here are some of the racing shots I tried to pull off with my camera:

What is the “TT” in your descriptions?

This is my idea of a TT bike. A “time trial” bike.

Aside: We need to get one of us to stop calling what we ride a “bike”.

I say that bicycles should be called bikes.

And for motorcycles. . .we can just call them “Big Mopeds”.

Go back to your pictures of your Big Mopeds.

The “TT” in this instance stands for “Tourist Trophy”.

Motorcycles have every right to be called “bikes” as bicycles. :stuck_out_tongue: