Joining the SDMB motorcyclist ranks...

I just ordered an '05 Dyna-wide glide. Pearl Black.

I pick it up in November…right after my divorce is final.
I’ve wanted a Harley since I was 15 years old.

mundane and pointless…but it feels like I reached a goal!

Congratulations! Not my kind of machine, but any rider’s a person worth talking to. :slight_smile:

Meet the Clogbike, pictured here in a very stereotypical Dutch countryside picture. It’s a Yamaha Diversion XJ 600, or Seca II in the US.

Be sure to invest in riding lessons, a full face helmet, and decent leather gear!

Who crashed the Sky Crane into that field?

Thanks Coldfire-
I have admired previous pics of your bike.

I like the style of the yamaha, but I have a serious problem with speed…and would most likely ended up as a red smear if I got into a cafe style race machine!
(I can’t keep out of the throttle!)

I have already looked into a refresher course for riding- I have owned three bikes previously, but they were all dirt bikes.

A basic riding skills course here in San Diego is going to cost me about $175 USD.
The cool thing is; they provide the bikes and all gear!

It can never hurt to brush up on your skills, especially if it’s been a while!

My bike isn’t all that fast, BTW - it tops out at 190 kmh, or some 120 MPH. Bloody quick up until 120 kmh or so, but then so are most bikes. Cruisers like yours excepted. :wink:


Speed monster! :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of my 1975 Honda CB400F, current top speed is approximately 1km/h when I carry it around in my appartment

I just picked up one of these (Suzuki GS700ES) after not having a bike or even riding on one for over 15 years.
I thought it would take some time to get used to it again but I had the shifting, turning, balance, braking down after about 6 blocks. I was shocked at how easy it was to pick up the skills again.

Another thread on the motorcycle Dopers here.

I’ve still got my '86 R80. I took it out last weekend while the wife was out of town. Heh.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation conducts courses for both beginning and experienced riders at places all over the country, very often at the local community college. They’re cheap and they’re invaluable.

Nice-looking bike you’ve got there! I’ll have to show the boy when he visits again…he’s a total Harley enthusiast.

-a biker babe

Here’s my 2002 Yamaha YZF-R1. :slight_smile:

Got it new last year. Why a 2002 instead of a 2003? 'Cause the 2003s didn’t come in red! :smiley:

One of these days I’ll have to scan a photo of my '94 Seca II. (“Diversion” to Clogboy. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Damn I’m jealous of Johnny.

That is all.

Damn. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but you got the girl!

I have this although with Oggy Knobs and more carbon fibre but I’d have this if I lived in the States. Our speed limits are viciously policed and my license would be but a memory that much sooner with a Duke. :frowning:

Y’know, I’ve always wanted a Duc. I think they have the prettiest engines of any bike. (I don’t like the headlight treatment on Gest’s link, though.) But I looked at the cost of acquisition vs. the performance delivered, the maintenance intervals, and overall reliability. Spiny Norman had a Duc and he supported the view of many writers that the seats aren’t exactly comfortable. I’d still like to have a Duc in my stable, but IMO the Yamaha is a better ride for the price.

I can’t say enough good things about the Seca II. Sure, it’s not the fastest bike out there; but with 78,000 miles (not km) on mine, it’s been a great ride. It’s reliable, handles well, is comfortable, gets great mileage, and is skinny enough for comfortable lane-splitting. (The R-1 is even better for lane-splitting, with it’s lower mirrors.) I do need to have the rear shock replaced, but it’s an expensive proposition. It’ll get done some day.

Coldie: If you ever make it up to the PNW, I have a ride you can borrow. (No, not that one! The Seca II! :wink: ) It has new tyres, a fairly new chain (remember how the old chain was flapping around when we rode around Malibu?) and a recent tune-up. :slight_smile:

Even better - I got the girl. :smiley:

Yeah, Ducatis are expensive, not the fastest out there, rather uncomfortable, and somewhat unreliable, but MAN do they sound brilliant!

Looking forward to riding in the PNW with you someday, Johnno. :slight_smile:

Johnny’s reaction to the headlight setup sounds a little like my reaction to the pics of the 999 when it came out. I hated it. But the first time I saw one in the flesh at a bike show at the MotoGP just blew me away. The pics don’t do it justice and it’s the same with the revised 74X series.

For me, Ducati are the only maker whose bikes still look stunningly beautiful more than five years down the track. Sure, they’re not the fastest (I’m sure Johnny knows which one is :smiley: ) but you get to a point where speed increases are academic for offtrack use especially when I only go to one track day a year now. The comfort is definitely an issue for most people and makes a certain masochistic loyalty to the marque necessary. I’m lucky that it’s never bothered me on a Duc or the two Gixxers I’ve had.

You rode Gixxers? No offense, and I mean this in the nicest way, but don’t you find your current bike a tad boring compared to those?

Asks the Divvy rider, I know. :smiley:

I’ve owned 5 other bikes including 2 Gixxers. The other three were sold without ever being dropped as will my CBR be (insha’allah). However, I’ve crashed both Suzukis (writing the 750 off) and the 1000 was stolen. All completely my fault but God has it tested my generally non-superstitious beliefs. :mad:

But yeah, without a doubt I would just get over it and get an R1 or a GSX1000 if I had the opportunity to go back to monthly track days.

As for being bored; come on down here and you’ll be bored with any ride after European and American riding. There are heaps who disagree with me here (mainly guys who haven’t been to the States or Europe) but I’d almost prefer your Diversion to one of the superbikes. Riding an R1 in Australia, especially in my state, is like wearing a chastity belt at an orgy.

That bad eh? I guess when you’ve got loads of land, all the roads are straight lines between cities and villages, huh?

Mind you, we have a lot of that over here too, and we’re one of the most crowded countries on earth. Also, one of the flattest, unfortunately. But oh well, we have loads of water, and little dike roads tend to follow the natural flow of the river below: curves a plenty. :slight_smile: