A Rather Un-Pit-Worthy Pet Peeve.

OK, so am I the only one who hates it when I’m in a public restroom with several stalls and, despite the fact that mine is the only occupied stall, the next person to come in takes the stall right next to mine?

I mean, there are five other stalls to choose from, here!

I know it’s not always possible to avoid expelling waste right next to another person, but am I the only one who actually makes an effort to create a “buffer zone” of at least one stall when it is possible?

I suppose it’s possible that this person (who shall be known only as “Black Sandals”) has a favorite stall, and I unwittingly chose to use the one right next to it, but I still had to stifle an urge to kick old BS right in the ankle when she came and sat down in the stall next to mine.

Thanks for listening.

I think I could use some more coffee.

Oh me too. I am not generous to start with, and that is not a time I’d like to be neighborly.

Yes, this relates to the same sort of inconsiderate behavior I pitted here, recently.

Hmmm… you should try this in urinals. It’s always a little worrying that they should choose to stand almost touching my shoulder when there are 20 other urinals to choose from.

Skip’s one lucky guy.

He created his own luck by moving me into a house with only one bathroom. :wink:

[Harvey Korman]
[/Harvey Korman]

I think it’s certainly good ettiquette to leave an empty stall as a buffer. Exceptions being if the only clean stalls are next to an occupied one.

As Kymodoce, we’re lucky to have partitions between us. I understand some men can be unable to pee if someone stands beside them*

*An experiment carried out by one of my friends

Yeah It’s called stage fright and it is fairly common. I can only remember it happening to me once. I was at a football game somewhere and it was crowded. Had to stand in line for 5 minutes before it was finally my turn and all they had to pee in was a long “pig trough”. It was just the length of the wall and guys were standing literally shoulder to shoulder peeing. I had to pee so bad it hurt so I unzipped pulled it out and nothing. Not a drop. :eek: Closed my eyes and listened to the water. Nothin’ doin’. I started to feel bad for the guy behind me. He’s been waiting patiently and here I am up here not peeing. More pressure on me great. I zipped up and walked off but I still had to pee so I got in line for one of the stalls thinking who designs this things. A pig trough to pee in. $100 million for a stadium and you can’t put in urinals. :dubious:

Where the hell did the whole urinal thing come from?

Why can’t mens public loos be “normal” ie: toilets in cubicles! Is the urinal some weird penis comparing arena?

Men! Take it to a cubicle! We females never thought peeing in a row was a good thing (hence the OP) can’t you lot just give it up?

Ok I don’t care really. It’s just one of those “why females are better” things.:smiley:

This is one of the very few times I’ve disagreed with Miss Manners… they need to pick a different stall.

It is not going to be me standing next to you at the urinal. Have you ever played the urinal selection game? I got 100% on the first try. I think that some people have a flawed gene or something that makes this particular skill incomprehensible to them.

Ladies, you can play it too. This skill translates fairly well to toilet stalls as well.

I’ve had that happen to me in the stalls, and at the urinals. Very unmanly behavior … I don’t know why folks do that.

There have been times when I’m on a nearly empty bus or subway car, when a passenger (usually of the same sex) gets on oard, and sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME. There’s 60 to 80 seats they can choose from … why pick the one next to mine?

I’ll use the stall which I “think” would be the least used unless of course it’s disgusting in which case I’ll choose another. But if my fist choice happens to be next to you, well then, so be it.

So that was probably me next to you.

Nice shoes.

But maybe next time, if you could try to control the flatulence . . .

I’m one of those guys who gets “stage fright.” I don’t care how badly I have to piss, it’s not going to happen if someone is standing right next to me. I mean, Jeez: out of the 8 urinals in the men’s room, who oh why do you feel that it is necessary to come over and be my buddy now? :mad:

I’m with you auntie em. I’m sorry if you are feeling lonely, and want to pair up, but, for the love of God, you don’t have to use the stall right next to me.

Seems like anytime I use a stall, someone always parks in the one next to mine. Not only that, but I tend to always attract the most constipated, vocal people. Hard to concentrate on the task at hand when you are constantly listening to someone else grunting and straining, with the occasional wet fart thrown in.

I’m a shy person in the bathroom, and I always try to be as quiet as a church mouse. Maybe I’m secretly jealous of my bathroom-mates who can go with such a carefree attitude.

I’ve taken steps to avoid those sorts of situations by shitting in the urinal.

C’mon, you can’t be serious. Have you seen a public mens room?

I dunno, picking the stall next to mine doesn’t bother me as much as someone trying to continue or start a conversation with me when I’m trying concentrate on the bidness at hand. Usually I wait to go until I can’t wait anymore and that takes my undivided attention. Can’t people wait till you’re out of the stall to talk to you? Sheesh!

Sheesh! I thought I was the only female that felt the way auntie em does. I just hate when people gotta plunk down in the stall right next to mine, never mind that there several empty stalls to choose from.

Oh, and the talking thing. I don’t get that either. Truly, I don’t even like to use public restrooms, so like another poster here, I will wait until the last possible minute to use the bathroom. I definitely don’t want ANYONE talking to me while I’m taking care of my bodily functions. It just grosses me out, I can’t explain it.