A real "I Am My Own Grandpa"

I was reading this 15 year old article on NBC News.

Near the bottom it states:

“William Jasper Martin died on July 8, 1931. Two months later, Alberta Martin married her late husband’s grandson, Charlie Martin.”

Wow. She only waited two months after her husband died to re-marry? I bet the late husband’s side of the family is not happy about that…wait, hm, it seems they have a wedding to attend.

:dubious: Did you read the earlier part of the article where it says that she married her first husband when he was an 81-year-old widower and she was a 21-year-old single mother? I seriously doubt that when she was widowed less than four years later anybody on her late husband’s side of the family thought it was anything other than a blessed release for all concerned.

As fast as the wedding was, I find myself wondering how close she and her step-grandson had been for how long. Probably none of my concern, but can’t help wondering.

From the article:

Charlie’s birthdate and death age aren’t given but he was unlikely to have been more than 35 or 40, and maybe as young as 30, when he wed Alberta. Were they a “thing” before their marriage, or did they await their time, knowing it would be soon?

Yep - maybe he was the father of the son she had with his grandfather. If so, it sounds likely that the grandfather was OK with that. He got someone to look after him, she got a pension to help raise her sons with, and she didn’t even take the family home out of the family. Unconventional, but if everyone’s fine with it, why not? It’d be an interesting movie plot.

Yes, apparently the tongue in my cheek wasn’t as visible on the internet. Of course, she didn’t really care much that he died. He was 4 times her age.

That was my assumption. I did find it a little odd that she didn’t even make an effort to make it NOT look that way. Two months is pretty quick.
I just think this is fascinating from the family perspective. Just imagine, for one of William’s kids, your step-mother became your daughter-in-law.