A real life murder story in Lewisville, TX... or is it?

I’m not sure why this occured to me lately, but I was wondering about a book I unsucessfully tried to locate a few years ago…

It’s an account of a software company called something like Cyber2000 in Lewisville, TX (all of the details here are IIRC) that developed a solution to the Y2k problem. However, personal issues spiraled out of control leading to several grisly murders and suicides.

Here’s what I kinda remember:

  • The founders of the company (a man and a woman) were romantically involved, and had met in college.
  • Either he murdered her, or vice versa at one point in the story.
  • Other executives commited suicide by jumping off of the office building. Some landed on people below, killing them as well.
  • This all took place in the late 90’s.

That’s it! The one thing I really don’t know for sure is whether any of this really happened. I remember reading an article about it in one of the free rags (The Met I think) here in Dallas, but I don’t know if it was a “news” article, or an except from the book. I suspect that the book is fiction, because I’ve never found anything about the story in any news searches (even using Lexis-Nexis).

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I have no idea about the book, but I do have an idea for further research. This Met you speak of, does it have an on-line presence? You might try their archives.

Good hunting!

The Met is no longer being published, and so has no online presence or searchable archives.

That said, I remember reading the Met article, but I think it was presented as a big news scoop and don’t recall it being based on a book. Anyhow, I think I remember reading a later issue that explained the article as an April Fool’s joke – this, from a paper that was basically a running series of (intentional) jokes.

If you really want to find the article, you may check with the downtown Dallas Public Library. As I remember, they keep back issues of the Observer, so they might have The Met as well.

You might also want to give the Observer a call. IIRC they bought out The Met’s assets, so they might have the defunct paper’s back issues, too.

The story is probably fiction. I have lived in Lewisville for the past 15 years and I don’t recall anything like this happening. It would have been big news around here if a murder and several suicides happened in our squeaky-clean suburban community, especially several years ago.

That, and we don’t have very many buildings tall enough for someone to commit suicide by jumping from. :rolleyes:

I’ve lived within 15 miles of Lewisville for the last 26 years, and every day either watch local TV news or read the paper or both. This does not sound even vaguely familiar, and it surely would if it happened only a few years ago. Also, my first thought was the same as Broken Spoke’s - no buildings tall enough!