Identify two stories 2

Hello people,

I have been googling this for about six month’s now and it’s driving me nutz.

I’m trying to find two short stories from the same book, of which I cannot remember the title too. I do remember throwing a party and it got pinched :wink:

I believe the book was released by the Sun Newspaper in the 90’s, sorry I cant be more specific, it’s hazy you see.

Story one was about a death metal band that was looking for a new sound, and found one, by wiring up their amplifiers to the vocal chords of corpses laying in their basement, they got the record contract.

Story two was about a man who had a tattoo on his arm about his wife, forty years later he’s divorced, and in the seaside town where he had the original tattoo done, and called in to see if he could get it removed.

wont say more in case peoples want to read them, they were good.

I’m not bothered about the book itself, I cant remember the rest of the stories, so cant have been that good, but would like to reread these two stories.

sorry to be a nuisance in my first post.