A remake of "The Prisoner"? By hook or by crook, it will be made

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Like it or not, The Prisoner was a unique, sometimes bizarre, series. There’s no details yet about the remake. I have a bad feeling about this. Especially, since the new production “will take liberties with the original”.

Aargh. They’ll probably give Number 6 a cute female companion (number 69?) and it will be cancelled in three episodes.

The Prisoner fit its time. They should leave it be.

Well, there wouldn’t be much point to remaking it if they didn’t “take some liberties.” On the other hand, I share your reservations that there is anything like the kind of creative freedom that McGoohan enjoyed. Most likely it’ll come out being your basic, paint-by-numbers action-adventure, man on the run plot. Yawn.

And they’re not going to use The Village? What, are they going to replace the Rovers with CGI effects, too?

Maybe they should go and remake “The Avengers” instead, or better yet, “The Man From UNCLE.” There’s not as far to fall from those heights…


Hey! Those were good shows when I was nine.

You watch your ass.


I’d prefer a remake of Secret Agent Man or whatever it was called.

Didn’t Mel Gibson plan to a remake a few years ago?

Patrick McGoohan talked about a theatrical version back in '02, but nothing ever came of it.

LIberties, eh?

No. 6: Where am I?

No. 2: You are in … The Village.

No. 6: Who are you?

No. 2: I am Number Two. You are Number Six.

No. 6: What do you want?

No. 2: We want … a shrubbery!

More than just “liberties” – it will be a “radical reinvention.”

I’ve got it! This time he actually does escape!

He did escape, with that submachinegun toting James Dean dude on a flat bed truck.

Well, it doesn’t say they won’t use The Village. They just aren’t planning on using the original Village location.

I wouldn’t be so much worried that it will stray too far from the original, which I like just fine for the most part. I’d be more worried that it’s going to be too much like “Lost.”

I used to follow a “Prisoner” newsgroup, and there were perpetual posts about an imminent movie. The choice of director and lead seemed to change every month. I seem to remember Simon West being considered for director (which sounds dreadful), and Clive Owen for the lead (which sounds brilliant). I wonder if they abandoned the movie in favor of a series?

Too late!
The Avengers

The Avengers Review

Yeah, I know. That was the joke.

And what an absolute bolsh of a film that was. Uma Thurman as Emma Peel? That was like a bad Saturday Night Live skit writ large.


If they do remake it,I hope they explain the last 2 episodes of the original

I wonder if they’ll get The Rock to play the lead? I mean, he’s already done the remake of Walking Tall and is currently shooting the remake of Dirty Harry, so he’d be a “natural” for the part. (I mean, since they’re going to screw it up and all, they might as well do it right. :wink: )

There was a serious attempt to revive The Avengers in the seventies (called, appropriately enough, The New Avengers) starring Patrick MacNee, Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt. I thought it was okay. I didn’t see a rerun of the original until decades later, and aside from being turned on by Diana Rigg, the original didn’t seem to me any better written (and in some episodes, far worse) than the seventies version.
As for a new Prisoner, the original had a lasting effect because it was blissfully incoherent, with no pretense of trying to explain itself. Shows like Lost and X-Files instead try to tantalize the viewer by promising that next week, maybe, all will be explained. The Prisoner laughed at such tawdry unsubtle temptations; rotting cheese left on rickety traps for only the commonest of mice. To do a new version right, logic has to to be abandoned. Turn it over to David “Twin Peaks” Lynch and let him go nuts for exactly one season - no more, no less. Explanations are for losers.

La, la, la, la, NO HE ISN’T, la, la ,la ,la.

But he is doing a live action version of Johnny Bravp.

Anyone see him in Dppm?



They’ll probably ruin it.