A Repot from the Iowa Caucus

I’m just back from the Iowa caucus-specifically the Democratic caucus for Union Township. Union Township is the rural portion of a six mile square of prairie and valley breaking down toward the Mississippi River in the far Northeast part of the State. We had 24 people in attendance. After some finagling with a lone Kucinich support and a couple of Gephardt people the caucus broke out 15 for Senator Edwards and 9 for Senator Kerry. There was not one supporter for Dean in our little group of neighbors. The somewhat complex mathematical formula used gave two delegates to the county convention to Edwards and one to Kerry. The delegate break down doesn’t really make much difference. What counts is the raw numbers. If what I see on the TV means anything the caucuses across the State are breaking down between 1/3 for Kerry, about 30% for Edwards, maybe 20% for Governor Dean and a slightly lesser portion for Congressman Gephardt. Also, breaking news, Dean has conceded the Iowa caucuses. I’m not sure what that means.

This ought to be a shot to the heart for Gephardt and doesn’t do Dean any good. We can probably figure that Kucinich is dead meat. It is a tremendous boost for Kerry and Edwards. I don’t suppose I can count on being the US Attorney in the new administration but I would like to think it is the start of good things for Kerry and Edwards, both of whom look like moderate, thoughtful men of substance and intelligence. I can hope that this marks the beginning of the present incumbent’s path to becoming the Commissioner of Baseball.

In any event this is the last we will hear of Iowa for four more years and we Hawkeyes can resume our usual torpor, bitching about the weather and hoping for $15 soy beans.

Boy, Kerry sure has made a comeback, eh? Should be interesting indeed to see how he plays now in the Granite State, with Dean weakened but Clark in the hunt.

Did you get a sense of whether anyone at the caucus would have gone for Clark if he’d been in the running?

15 dollar soy beans, huh? I assume that’s not per bean. :wink:

That’s $15/bushel–an old joke.

I did not see any enthusiasm for General Clark at all. Since he was not here and we Iowans have been spoiled by years of being able to look the candidate in the eye, ask him our question face to face and see him sweat, the lack of core support for Gen. Clark ought not to be a surprise.

What we have done is stagger Governor Dean, drive a stake through Congressman Gephardt’s heart, cripple Kucinich and give both Kerry and Edwards a big boost. I suspect that Senator Edwards’ showing in the Carolina primary will tell the story on him and that if Governor Dean does not beat the pants off Kerry and Clark in New Hampshire that Dean will be in big trouble. Right now I would be content to see either Senator Kerry or Senator Edwards take on the President–both are very good, very tough and present an obvious contrast to the President’s personality (if you are voting for homecoming king), his policies and inclinations.

Hang on to your hats boys, it’s going to be a hell of a trip.

Why do you hate baseball so much?

NE Iowa , eh? Lansing? New Albin?

I was in Decorah monday night, but not for the caucus.

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