Iowa Caucus Discussion

Didn’t see any thread yet for the official start to the presidential race

I really hope Amy Klobucher makes a good showing. Listening to NPR it sounded like Iowans had some interest in her.

Results get released soon.

I believe a CNN article said about 65% of caucus goers identify as somewhat liberal or very liberal. So I expect a good turnout for Sanders and Warren. However I don’t know if that number is for the entire state or just more liberal college areas.

I’ll just say that I would be satisfied with Bernie as the nominee. I like Warren, too. For centrists, I’d go Klobuchar or maybe even Buttijeg over Biden, though I would pick Biden over Trump. I would vote Bloomberg over Trump, or any of the other remaining D candidates.

Anyway, NPR says it could be a record turnout, so I guess we’ll see what is the zeal vote(?).

My list is pretty similar, although I’d continue it:

Zombie McCain

Everyone here knows I’m a Pete supporter. This delay is maddening. I hate caucuses and I’m well aware of the crazy delegate selection process.

Hoping Pete pulls a win or a very strong second.

The only person I wouldn’t vote for over Trump is someone worse than Trump.

Either more evil/incompetent/dangerous, or someone just as evil but more competent.

OK, so what’s this long ongoing delay?

Yah well, what if it were Trump v. Zombie Hitler with Putin somehow as his running mate, while Dylan Roof ran 3rd party from death row?

From what I understand, neither the apps that have been implemented to report the caucus results nor the phone lines are working. Quite the shitshow the Iowa Dems have on their hands.

I’m hearing the turnout is nothing spectacular. Nothing like what they were expecting.

Allegedly, there’s some issue with the app they were supposed to use. Last I heard, just a few minutes ago, they’re adding them up by hand (or calculator, anyway) and sending the results in via telephone.

I’m not the only Iowan who wonders if some hacking and/or interference is going on.

I’ve also heard that the landlines are down at the headquarters, so they’re having people text pictures of the results into the state director.

FWIW, Trump got 97% of the vote in his caucus, which is disappointing. So no real primary challenge to him.

Oh, brother. :smack:

Ok, apparently I misremembered what I had read:

But still, they’re texting pictures of the results in. :smack:

first election machinery hack? I’m thinking “nah” but

Hi! Out of 125 registered Dems in my precinct… 17 showed up. I was the only Sanders person other than the nice guy from Washington (the State) who was out caucusing/door knocking etc. for Bernie. He didn’t get to vote, of course.

Warren was close but didn’t have the 5 warm bodies to make it to the second round.

Buttigieg had 2 people.

I reluctantly moved to the Biden group.

At the end of the night Biden and Klobuchar each got a delegate to send to the State caucus.

Buttigieg continues to be a far more charismatic and appealing speaker than any of the others.

Iowa caucus goer here. Luckily, things went smoothly at my precinct. The counts all added up to the correct totals, so no problems. We ended up with the delegates going 2-2-2-1, for Sanders, Pete, Warren, and the 1 to Biden.

It seems many precincts had issues due to 2 main problems: first, the app didn’t work. So if they were relying on the app to get counts and report them, they were sunk and had to come up with a new system. At our precinct, they relied on a spreadsheet that did the math instead of the app. The math all worked out. No coin flips.

Second, there’s a new double check system involving preference cards and making sure the card count matches the candidate group counts and that all the totals match up. Sounds like it should be simple right? But keep in mind this process goes on a couple hours and something little like a person slipping out and going home without telling anybody messes up the count.

Finally, there was a new rule that if your candidate was viable you weren’t allowed to change in the realignments. This wasn’t well explained in many precincts and led to some confusion.

Oh one thing that surprised me, some of the Steyer supporters and Yang supporters at our precinct decided not to realign and left after initial count.

I’m pleasantly surprised about Pete’s showing. If you can believe the numbers that were shown.
I guess it’s unknown really.