Hillary won 6 out of 6 coin tosses in Iowa ??

Coin tosses used to determine county delegates in Clinton-Sanders race in Iowa.

They flipped a coin six times, and Hillary won all six??

It seams very unlikely to me.:dubious:

They should have decided the ties with a game of chess. Or maybe Starcraft.

I just saw that NPR debunked this this morning, I didn’t read it that closely because this is just reddit trash.

More details in the link.

I love how apologists continue to say “it would make little difference in the outcome” in an election that was a virtual tie (50% vs 50%, one delegate difference).

Then they defend the absurd Iowa delegation rules.

But there are precinct delegates, which aggregate into county delegates, which aggregate into state delegates, which are the ones that actually matter. A coin toss to decide a precinct delegate in a county that’s already overwhelmingly leaning one way or the other is demonstrably irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

It’s all explained in the article. It may be a stupid system but that’s no reason to fabricate outrage.

What’s so hard to believe? Hillary is fuckin’ lucky.

Apparently, the Democratic party has electronic records from about half of the counties (the rest phone results in). They have records of 7 coin flips. 5 were won by Saunders, one by Clinton and the last by O’Malley. There’s nothing to this coin flip story.

We don’t even need to look at who won how many coin flips,it doesn’t matter.

Like I said, it’s reddit trash. A bunch of redditors/Sanders supporters saw coin flips go in Hilary’s favor, confirmation bias took over (people who saw flips go in Sanders’ favor wouldn’t have reported it), and the rest of reddit didn’t know the difference between a precinct delegate and a state delegate (an understandable confusion, for what it’s worth, but nevertheless people shouldn’t get so excited over things before they know the whole story).

Here’s a tip for you – “Dice have no memory.” In other words, the fact that 5 coin tosses came out a certain way has absolutely no bearing on the next one–it still has a 50% chance of being favorable.

I’m glad to hear that Hillary hasn’t become one of the leads in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

But going 6 in a row is only 1.56%.

steronz linked to a NPR story that bebunked the 6 0f 6 anyway.

OK, we will flip a coin 6 times and if they all come up heads, you give me $1000 and if they don’t then you give me $1000.

The chances of 6 coin tosses going the same way are like 1 in 64.

With that said, Hillary legitimately won Iowa by a slim margin 9and would have without the benefit of a few coin tosses). But a win is a win and she won.

As Ted Cruz wold say, “To God be the glory.”

Seeing as how this was debunked in this thread two hours before you posted you went ahead and posted this anyways? Well all I’ve got to say to that is, no she fuckin’ isn’t.

The chances are 1 in 32, not 1 in 64. A single coin flip always goes the same way as itself.

To be precise, the chance is 1/32 that one of the two candidates would get six out of six, without being specific about which one. Like you say, the first coin flip will agree with itself, then the chance is 1/32 that the next five will agree with it.

I kept wanting to scream “it’s a caucus, not an election! It’s not even a primary!” at the news yesterday. They work completely differently. I realize that it’s a lot easier to say “so-and-so won the caucus,” than to try to explain county delegate allocation and the party nomination system. But it’s really inaccurate and misrepresents what actually happened and what the results actually mean on every level.

You know what they say, unlucky in love, lucky in coin tosses.

(in the voice of Richard Moll as Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series) “…Coin comes up good side, we talk it over. Coin comes up bad side, and we see if that sorry sandpit you call a country can glow in the dark…”