A request for some links (political)

I’m really not interested in discussion - if people want one, knock yourselves out - I’m actually just requesting links.

It has been said on this board that Bush sr. was opposed to his son’s rash call to war in Iraq. Do we have a cite for this? I’m not arguing, I just can’t for the life of me find the right combination of words to search on to find this info. I’ve tried all kinds and still haven’t found jack. Someone I know said he hadn’t ever heard this, so I wanted to show him the story.

Also, I was unsure about which forum to put this in - it’s political, but requires no discussion, so I didn’t put it in GD. I’m not looking for any inflammatory arguments, so it’s not really a pit thing. I’m just looking for some links to this story and figured IMHO would be as good a place as any.


This article is pretty much what you’re looking for. Lots of blogs and websites cite this article. I’d take what that article says with a grain of salt, however. The transcript of the speech and subsequent Q&A is not nearly as obviously a bash on the president as the article’s author would have you believe. But this is GQ so I’ll let you read these items for yourself and make up your own mind.

Well, OK, I thought we were in GQ. Guess I should pay better attention.

Since it’s IMHO, I guess I’ll say that I disagree with the author’s conclusions regarding the meaning of ex-President Bush’s comments. The author heard what he wanted to hear, not what was actually said. IMHO.

Thank you!