A response worthy of a Doper

Reading this response to a thread on Slashdot, I couldn’t help thinking of something like Cervaise’s stinging evisceration of a telemarketer.

The interchange went like this:

  • Person A posted about their experiences on a farm, used an industry jargon term “discer”
  • Person B challenged person A that no one who had really worked on a farm would call it a “discer” rather than a “disc”
  • Person A responded with the sarcastic barrage I linked to above.

For those not familiar with Slashdot, you may have to lower the default “quality threshold” using the sliders at the top to see the “Person B” response.

That’s pretty good, yup.

I would just add that in my experience growing up on a farm (which is every bit as much a lie as that guy’s!) “discer” would refer to a seeding implement utilizing discs, and “disc” would refer to a tilling implement utilizing discs. No one would blink if you used them the other way about though.