A retraction and plea for blood donors....

First of all I’d like to offer my sympathies to those that lost loved ones and friends in todays tragedy.Thank God my friend , an NYC fireman initially listed as missing, is alive and recovering in an area hospital. I also want to thank NYC’s finest (NYPD) and NYC’s Bravest (fireman) who responded to the call valiantly. I am deeply saddened by their heavy losses.
I just returned from donating blood.Please…Please donate blood. O and O neg are needed as it is the “universal donor”.
On that note I would like to retract my statement that all people not born in the US should be deported.That was panic,frustration,rage and desperation getting the best of me.I now know why my grandmother hated the Japanese until the day she died.I understand what she (and many of her generation)felt.As much as I try,I can’t stop seeing the devastation and feeling a sense of hatred for those that caused this.Hopefully this feeling will pass.I apologize for my rash,hotheaded statements.

That took guts, Rich. Your apology is accepted.

I understand your frustration, anger, and rage. Until recently I was a police officer in Florida and I worked on assignment with NYPD (Precinct 90, Brooklyn) in Dec 99, concerning a case related to our county here.

Recent unofficial casualties among FDNY and NYPD amount to 200+ and 85, respectively. I’m glad your friend in the FD is ok, and I hope that the cops I worked with in the 90th Pct came out ok. As a former badge, my hearts and prayers go out to the medics, firemen and cops that gave their lives in this horrible incident.

I donated a pint down here at the NW Florida Blood Bank, hoping it gets up to New York and does some good. It’s been a trying day for our country, and your rage is justified. As I posted in your last thread, I am Asian by birth and heritage, but just as American as you are-- and just as angry for revenge on the fuckers, and the scumsucking countries and cities that harbor these cancerous wastes of human life.

Good call, Rich. Very classy. I admit, when I saw the footage of people cheering in the mid east-I wanted to go in there and shake them, and just spit at them and scream.

I’m just shaking…I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


Having taken issue with your previous thread, Rich, I thank you for your apology. It was very brave and a classy thing to do.


Gutsy move, Rich. Thank you.

Well, I’ll go out on a limb here and say:

Apology NOT accepted.

Your original post was bad enough. What you said to Mercutio is unforgivable.

Green, you’re not alone. I see in the OP here that he is still trying to excuse racist comments and attitudes. Those are just fucking not acceptable.

I’m with Green Bean.

I am always impressed when someone apologizes for something they say in the heat of anger, however the vile shit that poured from Rich’s keyboard is disgusting and unforgivable. BTW, anyone else notice how he only appologized when spanked by Tuba?

That was the most disgusting piece of trash I have ever seen written on this board, from his racist OP all the way through his sickening responses to Merc.

Sorry my ass.

Fuck off.

Sorry you say? I couldn’t hear you with the .32 caliber in my ear. Apology not accepted.

I still don’t like you, Dicky. You’ll trip up again, soon enough.

::Reads the original thread::

::Jaw drops::

Agreed. WTF was THAT? Merc’s dad should have been murdered? Rich, I hope, in a couple hours time, once you’ve calmed down, you realise just what you said…

In the mean time, fuck yourself with a spiked dildo, please.

What you said to Merc was awestrikingly appalling.

Suggesting internment camps is as bad. Had you seen the Smithsonian exhibit on Japanese Internment Camps that existed in WW II, as well as the fallout from them, I would doubt you would suggest such a thing, even in anger.

I have friends in NYC and DC. I mourn the losses of life, and the agony those surviving must be feeling.

Do you even have a soul?

Guys, this is not a day to be throwing off on one another.

He apologized. How do you know how truly sincere he is? None of us are so wise that we can look inside someone else’s heart and know all the truths inside.

Let it go. Concentrate on the bigger, more important issues and let this bickering go.

Use this energy to make things better. And let a higher power judge amongst us.

your humble TubaDiva

I have a very soft spot in my heart for our dear Mercutio. He often keeps me company late at night when I need it the most, and in my experiences, he is a very intelligent and - dare I say it? - wise young man. I consider him a very good friend, even though I’ve only met him a few times.

For your sake, Mr. Subs, I hope your apology is genuine. It is only because I respect Tubadiva’s opinion both as a poster and as an Administrator that I’m going to accept it and forgive you. And I ask that everyone else also forgive you, as these are trying times. We will all learn, and grow, from the tragedy in New York.

Just don’t let your emotion get the better of your reason.

Because, of course, everyone in a country or a city is aware of and responsible for what every one of their neighbours and compatriots is doing, and is subject to the same punishment for an act they had no part of.