a robot time time is coming

if someone want shot common people with gun
or doing something LIKE WREAK society VERY suddenly,
they maybe post some word on internet ,blog or something

and if a robot patrolling there ,it will find it ,stop it in timely ,avoid disaster
like a movie:< Minority Report >
high tech prevent crime

but it is horror

i tell you i encountered

in china we are in the great wall firewall, we cant visit google ,facebook ,twiter,
the site out of the wall ,can’t see it
we talk in a place called baidu’s tieba ,it is a forum
they have rule ,you can’t talk the sensitive word ,the news’s hot word
someone’s name ,you have to abide rule ,or you will be blockaged or thread deleted
miss posts , anyway ,there still some breathing alive human manager
but , now it is changed
they turn whole entire chinese internet to one robot
whole internet , to one robot .
the robot scan baidu’s tieba every minute
any new posts ,thread, read it ,with a tech is calld deepqa ,deepqa can read the word
;phrase , it understand what it means ,and it have a dictionary ,he can Judging
the word if the word is dangerous ,dangerous level .mark the post,
send message to human watcher ,observer.
and the robot ,can chat with you ,disguise to a cute girl .
my ass ! it coming to the truth !
robot detective, one is countless,countless is one !
horror artificial

My feeling is, it’s not the technology itself that scares me, but the uses that humans may make of it.

I’m insane now.

As fast as they build their robots
you must continue to build the
robot detectors and robot mines.

Can I use this, or at least some this, as song lyrics? Please?

Seems like a movie treatment right there.