A-Rod, Divorce, Madonna - and his daughters' middle names

So, I have this in Cafe Society because it is about gossip and personalities not the sports A-Rod plays that led to him becoming a personality that folks gossip about.

For what it is worth, I really don’t care about whether he had an affair with Madonna - he clearly has had his share of dalliances if those photos from a few months ago are any indication.

No, what struck me when I read an article about A-Rod’s wife filing for divorce was the following line:

So Alex Rodriguez and his wife have two daughters and give them both the middle name of “Alexander” - jeez, that just makes me giggle. Don’t get me wrong - we gave my son my first name for his middle name - ah, but we gave my daughter *my wife’s * first name for a middle name…

Is it just me or is this kinda like George Foreman naming all of his sons George and Deion Sanders naming his kids Deion Jr. and Deiondra? And is somehow parking the “me me me” part in the kids’ middle name somehow better or classier than if he just named the girls “Alexandra” and “A-Rodia” or something?

This is a weak rant, but reading that just made me go :dubious:

Just don’t bring up the highlights in his hair, is all. A man has a perfect right to have all kinds of girly stuff–frosted tips in his hair, pedicures, rose-petal perfume–without some jerk on a messageboard bringing it up in public, just like it was telling of anything about his character. I hate that stuff. He’s a studly guy, not neurotic or attention-seeking or anything crazy like that. Get off his fucking case, okay?

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pseudotriton ruber ruber: While you’ve vaguely tried to disguise it by use of the word “some,” you are nonetheless calling WordMan a “jerk on a messageboard.” Such personal insults are NOT permitted in this forum.

You may certainly say that you don’t like such comments about celebrities (that’s attacking the content of the post) but you may NOT make negative comments about the poster himself. And you’ve been around long enough to know that.

And, just in case you or others are confused, attacks and comments and insults about celebrities ARE permitted in this forum. WordMan is within his rights in making comments about some celebrity’s taste, style, looks, or whatever. The rule about “no insults” refers to other posters, not to famous (or well-known) persons in the news. You may not like such comments, but they’re not a violation of our rules.

**Dex ** - thank you for coming to my defense. Now, I may be completely whooshed here - it wouldn’t be the first time! - but my read on prr’s post was that he was being tongue-in-cheek about A-Rod - in fact, my impression was that **prr ** was kinda implying that he (prr) himself was the jerk for mentioning-but-not-mentioning A-Rod’s frosted tips…

Sorry if I have misread this completely…

No, the jerk I was alluding to was me, Dex. I was attempting to be sarcastic about ballplayers whose lifestyles leave them wide-open to getting dredged in silly gossip by publishing more, and sillier gossip, on a messageboard myself. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. Carry on.

Dear Sir:

I for one, am deeply insulted that your fine publication has chosen to impugn the character of psuedotriton ruber ruber as he was attempting to impugn the character of Mr. Rodriguez. Let me say, that in my day, no one in the British Army would have ever impugned the impugner. It was just ‘not cricket’.

I remain,

Faithfully yours,

Percy Byss-Smythewick, Brig, Ret., Mrs.

Just chiming in. My take on PRR’s post also is that he was being snarkish to A-Rod in a subtle way and not to WordMan in the slightest. I know subtle and sarcastic humor doesn’t always carry across clearly on a message board, but I think your warning to prr should be withdrawn, as he wasn’t violating the “don’t be a jerk” rule in this case.

I was the one (or one of the ones) who reported your post. Sorry - I was apparently whooshed.


Couldn’t he have made it a whole lot easier on his daugthers and given them Alexis as a middle name?

No harm, no foul.

Is admiring A-Rod limited, do you suppose, to Yankee fans? I mean, as a Sox fan, he seems to me a silly, preening, headcase who does everything he can to keep himself in the public eye (“Hmmmm, whom might I start sleeping with? How about a mega-famous rockstar with a reputation for slutting around with athletic boy-toys, yeah, that’s the ticket, that should get me some ink…”) and then seems to resent the media for intruding into his personal affairs.

Is this maybe like the Giant-fans singular love for Bonds, who’s elsewhere as close to universally despised as you can get outside of Hitler’s bunker? Or is it just me, to whom the guy’s a very talented clown?

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Sorry, pseudotriton ruber ruber. I saw the post reported, and I did indeed read it as referring to WordMan rather than to A-Rod. I did think it was odd, since you haven’t ever been called up on personal insults before, and it seemed out of character, but… I just didn’t read carefully enough.

In any case, your [temporary] warning has been deleted and discarded and erased from memory. Well, I guess not the latter, since I’d have to delete lots of posts, but you know what I mean. My apologies for being dense.

I added some visuals

To the best of my knowledge, A-Rod is not and has not been admire much by Yankee fans either. We like his bat and what he does, but far less love A-Rod then Jeter or Mo or many others.

Kids like A-Rod, because kids love Home runs and A-Rod is the best offensive player on the Yanks. Older fans tend to like the guys that have got us there before. I would not be surprised if in a poll of over 25 year old Yankee fans if Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte, Posada and even Joba all rank ahead of A-Rod.

A-Rod is a extremely talented and skilled player that is so far free of the steroid taint but is a bit of a minor nutcase. I’m glad we have him, but I cannot see where he would be called beloved.


Well said - I respect his skills as a 5-Tool player a lot, but I agree with What Exit?'s take…

If his wife is telling the truth about his activities, I’d say he’s a 6-Tool player. Or maybe just a tool.

I hate to get into the gossip side of this, but for someone who I remember talking about how seriously he planned to take fatherhood from way before he was a Yankee, he is both a 5-tool player and a tool of a husband and father.

I listened to this guy from when he was 19 through as recently as last year. Yet again it looks like he is two-faced in yet another and in this case a more important area.

I am sure almost everyone knows how his Mom raised him as his father took off. This was such an important thing to him, that I am amazed he would pull this kind of stunt. I hope it is not true, but I suspect it is.


If Alexis is acceptable, then Alexander should be too. They’re both traditionally masculine names. What’s that you say? Alexis is more often encountered as a feminine name these days? Well how do you think that happened? Somebody was the first person to give a girl the man’s name “Alexis.” So, why not “Alexander”? It happens all the time.

These are all originally masculine names, by the way, which have become more commonly used as women’s names:


in some cultures giving a patronym as a middle name is standard. here in the states many 2nd and 3rd generation slavs have dad’s name as a middle without the son of/daughter of ending. some will feminize it if it is easier, with a name like james or vladimir you are just stuck.

of course, i’m not familiar with the dominican republic having a patronym tradition. perhaps he just thought it would be cool.

i would have at least tried suggesting alexandra as the middle over alexander…

Guys, I hear you - Alexander may be just fine as a girl’s middle name. I have no issue with that. In this case, however, it seems to be a blatant “me me me - it’s all about me” maneuver. *That’s *what I have an issue with. To the extent I actually give a crap about this at all…

Well, on the other hand he could have given them both Alexander as a first name. The way George Foreman named his five sons George. In addition, one of Foreman’s daughters is named Georgetta.