A Room With A View

I have always wondered what exactly would happen if I made a normal sized room with nothing in it but a flash light. With the walls, ceiling, and floor covered with large mirrors. Of course there would be the door (Which would also have mirror on it). Some have told me that I would go insane from looking at infinite numbers of me, some say I would faint, and my ex-boyfriend, who is “WOHOO-gone” anyway, says that I’ll start to see things behind me.

I have now come to the conclusion that before I die I’m going to build the bloody thing.

PS. Just my way of saying “Hello”.

I am so not cleaning that.

Well, my bathroom has mirrors on 3 walls and the ceiling (not by my choice, the people lived here before did it). I’ve lit a candle and have had the light-until-infinity thing going on. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve obviously not gone insane.

I do get plenty of oogies from having to look at my naked ass every morning, though.

Hi and welcome! Certanily mundane and pointless, but with an interesting twist! :slight_smile:

JavaMaven1: Considering how the candle is an inanamite object, seeing it go insane I feel would be very funny. Ya know haveing the whole anime-spiral-eyes thing going on. But im sure you have a nice ass!

Eonwe: Even you have to admit that its funny. Hey! I could be on Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Slamming fore head against door frame Wait, wait, no. I don’t need the mirrors to go insane. Im 16.

Mom: If I had enough money to build one of those I would hire a maid.

There’s lots of bedrooms like that all through Hollywood.

PS: Welcome aboard(s) DOA … WAIT! Something about that doesn’t sound right. Better make it Daughter Of Arden.

Zenster’s right. Lots of Hollywood celebrities have mirrored rooms like that, and they don’t cause insanity.

Michael Jackson, for example, has one, and he turned out just fine.

SnugtheJoiner:That’s because Michal Jakson From Mars and I know Hollywood stars have them but it’s not the walls ceilingand floor, with nothing in it. I wonder how long I could live in that room? Put a couch, tv, and a refrigerator. I could invite mom and you guys over! WooHoo!

My husband would agree to that, but I don’t always listen to what he says. :smiley: