The Unwanted Guest Room

There was a thread here just the other day that had a link to a site called Disturbing Auctions. While perusing the site with my son I came upon this really great idea. The Unwanted Guest Room. This would be the room I’d put my stepmother in. I’d paint it orange and hot pink and it would have a definite clown theme. The only source of light in the room would be three or four of these
and her chainsmoking ass would have to use a few of these to put her butts in.
Right over this bed would be this painting, with this painting at the foot of the bed and this one at the head.

Yes, I’m quite bored right now.

That’s absolutely hilarious! Something tells me she wouldn’t stay for long.

I know a girl who die of fear if there were that many clown-related things in her bedroom.