A Shadow Has Fallen On Middle Springfield-Who should be who in The Simpsons do LotR?

This is an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for a while now, nagging at me to post it. It seems like a perfect match…both worlds have legions of minor characters we can have endless fun matching up. Heck, if they ever make a Simpsons movie, I think this would be perfect.

Anyway, without further ado, some of my own ideas:
Some of the choices are obvious; Mr. Burns, for example, would have to be Sauron. Mr. Smithers would be the Mouth of Sauron. Bart would be Frodo, and Milhouse would be Sam. I think it would make good thematic consistency to just use the kids as Hobbits, so…Lisa as Rosie Cotton? Maybe Rod and Todd as Merry and Pippin? And Nelson and the other bullies could be some of Saruman’s Hobbit flunkies from “The Scouring of the Shire”.

Speaking of Saruman…he’s a tough one to cast, but I submit for your consideration: Comic Store Guy. Something about his whole attitude makes him suitable for that role, I think. Hard to put my finger on exactly what though.

For the innkeeper at Bree, Barliman Butterbur(sp?), I would suggest Apu. For the Ringwraiths, police chief Wiggum and his crew. Groundskeeper Willie was born to be Gimli the dwarf. Ned Flanders could maybe be Elrond. Homer would be Bilbo. And can anyone else see Otto the bus driver as Tom Bombadil?

I have no idea, though, who would be Gandalf. Or what part Marge might play. Not to mention the dozens of other characters that need to be matched up. So, I submit this to the good people of the SDMB. Let’s hear your ideas.

Duff Man is Boromir. Nelson is the Witch-King. Professor Frink is Radagast. Moe is Elrond. And I don’t know what you were thinking, but Chief Wiggum is definitely Butterbur.

This could be a really good Halloween episode. :slight_smile:

Homer would make a good hobbit. Any decent hobbit would rather hang out at Moe’s drinking Duff ale than go on an adventure. So, make Homer Bilbo Baggins.

That makes Bart Frodo. He’d have his pal Milhous as Sam Gamgee.

I guess the Reverend would be Gandalf the wizard.

Make Ned Flanders Saruman. Like Saruman, he’d be the guy others first turned to for wise, moral counsel… and like Saruman, he’d have a knack for making evil suggestions in a friendly-sounding way.

Sideshow Bob would probably make a good Saruman. The one-armed Army guy could be Legolas, though he’d be hard pressed to use a bow. Professor Frink is Gandalf :smiley:

Oh…and the Reverend could be Elrond. Mr. Smithers should be Grima, but that would make more sense if Mr. Burns was Saruman (maybe making Sideshow Bob Sauron?).

D’oh! Ned and Maude Flanders are Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.

Marge … hm, Galadriel?

I don’t care about gender, Lisa should be Frodo…either that or that elf queen chick.

Monty Burns= Sauron
Lisa = Frodo (even though she’s a girl, I just can’t see Bart being selfless)
Bart = Sam (Can we go home now??)
Grandpa Simpson = Gandalf (Back in my day Balrogs were REALLY scary!)
Smithers = Gollum
Homer = Boromir ( Give me the ring Boy! Doh!)
Flanders = Elrond
Need time to think about the others… :wink:

Just casting Fellowship first.

Bilbo and the Fellowship:
Frodo - Bart
Bilbo - Homer
Sam - Milhous
Merry - Lisa
Pippin - Maggie
Gandalf - Grandpa Simpson (Hilarity ensues)
Aragorn - Ned Flanders
Boromir - Otto
Legolas - Apu
Gimli - Groundskeeper Willie

Good supporting cast:
Tom Bombadil - Krusty the Clown
Radagast - Professor Frink
Butterbur - Moe
Elrond - Principal Skinner
Arwen - Edna Krabopple
Galadriel - Marge Simpson

Bad supporting cast:
Sauron - Sideshow Bob
Saruman - Mr. Burns
Gollum - Barney Gumble (“Precious” would be a beer)
Lead Ringwraith - Chief Clancy Wiggum

Indeed. Flanders’ and Bombadil’s similar speech patterns make the casting obvious. :wink:

I like Sideshow Bob as Saruman – he’s got the voice for it, after all. Although Burns-Saruman and Smithers-Wormtongue is good, too.

Agnes Skinner, of course, would have to be Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.

“That’s some nice wraithing, boys.”

Lisa makes a better Frodo. Bart and Milhouse would be Pippin and Merry. Who would be Sam? Ralph Wiggum, of course.

For Gandalf I like Dr Nick, and Marge is Galadriel. Reverend Lovejoy makes a good Elrond. Nelson is head of the fighting Uruk-Hai. Ha Ha.

I would go with

Frodo= Homer
Sam= Barney
Merry and Pippin =Lenny and Carl
Legolas= Disco Stu
Gimli= Willie
Boromir= Ranier Wolfcastle
Aragorn= Apu (I have no idea why that seems to work for me)Gandalf= Professor Frink
Saruman= Burns
Sauron= Kodos or Kang
Chief Orc= Snake
Elrond= Troy McClure
Gollum= Uter

“You may remember me from elven councils such as…” :smiley:

Boromir = Rainier Wolfcastle

“Up and at them”

The Simpsons do Lord of the Rings? LOL! That would be soooooo funny!

Great picks so far everyone. :slight_smile:

How about Kang & Kodos playing the Cave Troll in Moria, as well as any other Troll related roles (Olog-Hai, Hill Trolls, etc.).


Kang? The really evil otherworldly being with the great big single eye who wants to rule the world? Aren’t we missing something obvious here?

That would be awesome!
My $0.02

Marge should be Galadriel.


Yikes! Ok, I stand corrected. Kang is Sauron and Kodos is the Mouth of Sauron.

Bleeding Gums Murphy will play in the Troll roles. :wink:


Grandpa as Gandalf is just too good to pass up.

“I swear on Gandalf’s grave.” “Hey, I’m still alive!”

I know she’s a bit young, but I’m thinking Lisa for Eowyn.

Patty & Selma have to go somewhere… Barrow-wights?

Oh geez, what’s the name of Abe’s friend with the white beard? He could be Gloin.

Barney=Treebeard? (“Duff Ent-Draught?”)

that would be Jasper