A Shared Library Has Appeared in my iTunes

It’s called gabriel’s music. I know it’s a shared library, because when I click on it, I get an error message that says, “This shared library cannot be accessed.”

I tried dragging and dropping it to the trash, and it won’t move. I don’t see an obvious delete command anywhere. How do I get rid of this thing?

I don’t know where this came from. Is it some kind of virus?

My first thought: do you use a wireless hub at home? If so, is it properly secured? It’s possible that some jerk is piggybacking on your wireless connection, but wasn’t smart enough to hide his iTunes libraries.

In the iTunes preferences, in the “sharing” tab, there should be a checkbox that says “Look for shared music”. Unchecking it should make any shared playlists dissappear. You should also uncheck “share my music”, but that one is unchecked by default, so it is most likely ok.

However, that library is coming in on your local area network. What kind of network are you on? It’s kind of strange to have someone you don’t know on your network, unless you’re in a dorm.

As others have said it is probably getting picked up off your wireless network. My ITunes picks up my roommates tunes off the network. When I frist saw that this was happening I freaked for a minute until I figured out what was going on.

There is another possiblity other than someone being on your home network. I believe that ITunes will keep a library listed even though it isn’t available. It is possible that if you used a wireless network somewhere else (a friends house, etc) Itunes might still list the library even though it is no longer on the network.


I do have airport. I have no idea if it’s secured. I believe that a password is required, but that it is in my iBook keychain so I never actually have to type it in. Is there any way for me to see if 1) it is password protected and/or 2) someone has gotten into the system?

Also, I went in and unchecked that “Look for shared music” box, restarted iTunes and the library is gone. Thanks buckgully!

I live in a townhouse. There are several networks listed when I start up the computer. I assume that they are from neighboring units.

Which I guess brings me back to the question of how do I make sure that my own network is password protected?

Ooh, watch out: Could the shared library contain a lot of horn music? Or perhaps Like a Virgin? Missed a period lately? Getting food cravings? Is there a census coming up in a nearby town?

Just saying.

In your utilities folder, you should have an application called Airport Admin Utility. It has a button called “Change Wireless Security”. If you’re currently not encoding your wireless, you should select some encoding scheme.

I’m sorry, I’ve been gone for a couple of days. Finagle, I found the “Change Wireless Security” button. Does it matter to me which encoding scheme I choose? Am I, as the archetypal clueless end user, going to notice a difference? Do I need to sign in or have a password?

I’m afraid to try clicking the button until I know the answers, as I have visions of being locked out of my own network.
Also, I realized that I use my laptop frequently at coffeeshops in town, which have open wireless networks, and might have picked up a shared library there.
jjimm, I don’t know, I can’t open it; ditto; no; no; and not until 2010. :wink:

It doesn’t copy over the library or anything, it just had access to it. One thing you can do is tell the airport to only accept your wireless card’s number, or ‘create a closed/hidden network’ so someone would have to know the name of your network to see it at all. At work I’m on a wireless network and it’s cool to rummage through other people’s itunes libraries, and I feel an irrational sense of pride when someone’s listening to my music.

Maybe this is a dumb suggestion, but be sure that you’re always using your own wireless network. Maybe you’re unintentially horning in on gabriel’s network! Click on the AirPort icon on your menu bar, and make sure that it’s the name of your wireless network that’s black.

You will have to use a password, but only the first time. Your iBook will remember it. I’m guessing that you just accidentally joined a neighbor’s network briefly. Use WPA over WEP (It’s more secure), and choose a long password.

And, since we’re discussing wireless network security, it should be pointed out that none of the standard wireless security models are very secure. It doesn’t mean that you should ignore security (any more than you would leave your car unlocked), it just means that you should be aware that anyone dedicated can break in, and not to count on remaining secure.

OK, thanks. I’ll do that.

Podkayne, that’s not a dumb suggestion. Sometimes my network is the only one listed, sometimes there are half a dozen possibilities. And that’s just when I’m sitting in my living room!

Thanks to everyone who responded. I appreciate the help.