iTunes Shared Music

I was reading an old thread and someone mentioned the Shared Library on iTunes, where you can listen to other people’s collections. That seemed interesting, but I can’t find it on the iTunes store. Where is it?

I believe you can only see other shared libraries on your LAN.

What’s LAN?

Your Local Area Network.

That’s the way iTunes sharing is supposed to work, but I’ve seen iTunes libraries shared on Cox cable from many miles away.

Assuming I have it, how do I get to the Shared Libraries?

Ok, preferences: sharing, to share within our home network. Easy easy.

Also, you used to be able to streaming-share any library-- even off your LAN–if you had permission and the IP address, but they broke that after Itunes 6 or so. It was glorious and made people happy and when they disabled it there was much gnashing of teeth. There might just be ways around it, but a person would have to know about Google.

The various exported shared music will show up on the left menu box. People have to export their music library, they pick a name, and it shows up for everyone on the LAN.

If you are at home, you’re not likely to see anyone unless your family members are online and exporting.