A site for discontinue electronics items?

Does anyone know a good site to buy discontinued electronics? I am looking for either this type of headphones or the most recent version - Original Sony MDR-EX90LP Earbud Stereo Bass Earphone for mp3 player.

Sony themselves ? http://store.sony.com/discontinued-headphones-earbuds/cat-27-catid-EOL-Headphones-Earbuds

Amazon ? $10 for cheapies or Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset (Black) for $40 or so ?

Gyrate says sociologists are known collectors of discontinued electronics so maybe check back on your first enquiry. :wink:

That’s the sort of thing I often buy through eBay. Whatever outlet ends up with 30 cases of them—new in packaging—will often sell them off that way. Since you know the item number, it’s very easy to search.

$45 on Ebay



I buy crap like that all the time on eBay. I have a pen that I’ve had since the early 70s. Can’t find cartridges for it in the stores anymore, but eBay has them all the time. Also, XP computers are easy to come by (I love XP).

EBay. Remember streaming tape drives? I didn’t have a ZIP drive, I had one from their failed competitor, and when it broke I got another one on EBay and it worked fine.