A skunk just came to the back door

I’m lounging on the couch. Tonka was snuggled in the crook of my legs, resting his head on top. We heard something approach the back door. ‘Raccoon!’ I thought. Only, the glimpse I caught looked odd. Tonka went to the door and hissed. I got the flashlight and shone it outside. A skunk! It trundled off across the deck. I don’t smell any skunk juice, so I guess it didn’t spray.

Great. The raccoons are annoying enough. We try to ensure Tonka is inside if momma and her three babies are about. Now there’s a skunk? Sheesh! Now we have to worry about spraying and rabies!

Aaaacckkk. I have been smelling a skunk for a few nights. I keep the dogs on a short leash while walking. Yeah, get those rabies shots caught up. Better safe than sorry.

Is there more rabies in skunks than raccoons?

We received a card from the vet for Tonka’s vaccinations, and IIRC he’s not due for rabies. I think he had his booster last September., and I think they’re good for two years.

I think the main rabies exposure here might be from bats. I don’t know about the skunks. We worry about the raccoons because the momma raccoon is very protective of her kits.

I believe the infection rates vary by region.

A skunk entered my house one night. It was about 2AM and I was studying. With the door open. I jumped up and yelled, and it left. I then closed the door.

One thing nice about skunks is they give you a warning before they spray. When they tap their front paws, run like hell!

That may be useful.

This is the second skunk I’ve seen in my (almost) 15 years here. The first one was several years ago. It was still ‘night’ out when I left for work. I saw something on the lawn, so I stopped. So did it. I saw that it was a skunk and gave it a wide berth. It gave me a wide berth. We went in different directions.

My understanding is that you don’t have to be concerned about rabies unless the skunk is out in broad daylight.

You were probably more scared of it than it was scared of you.

I’m guessing not too many of you were at the Skunk Fest last weekend near me? Dennis

All of the above are true, but basically the CDC seems to consider any bat, raccoon, skunk, coyote or fox bite to be potentially problematic. You should try to avoid getting into scraps with any of them.

Virginia opossums on the other hand are virtually immune. Feel free to wrestle with them to your heart’s content( as long as you don’t mind being shredded by their ginsu-toothed maw :stuck_out_tongue: ).

family values

Tonka’s not a cat, is she? Old Pepe le pew might have had his eye on her…

Apart from the stinky thing, are skunks quite nice animals? They look quite cute and nice in that video.

There has been a little regional outbreak around these parts for about 2 years. There has been PSAs about getting shots promptly. We live so far out that we have every kind of wildlife. So I am diligent about all my pets. My cats are completely indoors. My doggies are always on the leash while out. All for my own peace of mind.

And you guys reckon that the wildlife in Australia is scary?

Only things that we might have knocking at a door are maybe a wallaby, a possum or a very hungry wombat. None of them carry rabies and unless cornered, none of them are going to bite you in a hurry.

Now, those funnel-web spiders that eat Volkswagons though? Yeah, you want to avoid those at all costs.


Lived with a barn opossum, and side yard family of coons and a bush by the bedroom family of skunks for about 10 years [then the main coon got hit by a car and no more coon family in hte bittersweet/pokeberry patch and the mama skunk aged out of reproducing, all the generations of her kits had done the usual thing and moved away to find their own territory]
Never had skunk spray on any of the dogs and cats that lived here, and they were fenced in with the forsythia bush skunk family [who had dug under the bush to make a door to the outside world] and shared the water bowl with them. All our critters got fed inside except the husky who was post skunk.

Caught a skunk in a raccoon trap about a year ago. Was able to take it out of the backyard and release it in the greenbelt w/o getting sprayed. Have the entire thing on video, will see if I can dig it up.

Well, like an idiot, I googled those. Eeeekkk!! That’s my nightmare for the next few weeks. Thanks so much. Ugh.

Don’t worry, you won’t see them. They hide. (in your shoes) :smiley:

I’ve always thought skunks rather gorgeous. (Like blob, I don’t live in a country which has them.)

Tonka is a male cat.