A sordid tale of a nutcase shrink, an idiotic lawyer..and tote bags.

THe mind…it doth boggle.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that this happened in LaLa land… :wink:

What a tool… even the team’s website clearly states that some giveaways are limited to a certain type of ticketholder- some are restricted by age, others by gender.

Seriously, what a spaz.

Whoo-hoooo!!! The Lawsuit Lottery! Sure hope what the Angels pay him to go away is worth more than the tote bag!

In other news, this supposed psychologist treats actual patients? To deal with their emotions?

Man, its pretty kind of the Angels to be giving away $4,000 tote bags, even if they did only give 'em to dames. I mean, I got a hat, an umbrella, a mouse pad, a magnetic schedule and a coupla figurines at various Astros games last year, but I doubt the total value even came up to fifty bucks.

Come to think of it, I missed out on the Lance Berkman figurine 'cuase they only gvie it to the first 10,000 customers. Clearly they were discriminating against people who couldn’t make it to the park early.

Dang, I smell lawsuit!

I doubt the bags were worth $4,000; that’s the “damages” he’s asking for.

I also heard on Pardon the Interruption that the Angels relented and gave the guy four totebags, but he’s still suing (for everyone else’s benefit, I’m sure).

Whooosh! :smiley:

Of sonic boom proportions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it “LaLa Land” here refers to virtually the entire United freakin’ States of Amurka, these days(*)…

"That all Men are created equal, and that they’re endowed by their creator with certainb unalienable rights, such as life, liberty, and the purfuit of whatever it is that I think is coming to me!"

(*Though I’d probably find it specially unbecoming if this happened at a Mets game. "A spokesman from the team, asked for comment, stated: *“Hey! Wat’s 'is problem?” * ")