A spam Anti-rant, is this a good sign?

Lately I get almost no spam in my spam account. It’s dropped from about 60 a day to about 3 a day*.

Has something big happened? Some law passed? or did my personal spammer just go bust or something?

[sub]Touch wood*.

**Not flesh wood[/sub]

I miss Spam. I miss being asked if I wanted my dick three inches longer. I yearn for the way to defend against male pattern baldness. I wish I could learn the path of free porn. I must have the cheapest hotel room, car rental, airfare, whatever. Now I must deal with friends telling me to forward this to twenty people or a herder in Lesotho will lose his prize steer…Spam was a bit of an amusement to me…Damn Spybot

I don’t get SPAM (Mmmmmmm Spam[sup]tm[/sup]!) anymore. Of course I don’t get any less…

It’s no big deal. I get 20-25 emails a day, deleting the SPAM takes like… 5 seconds…

Your ISP probably upgraded its anti-spam software.

One of my email providers finally got into some spam kicking earlier in the year and it went from 100/day to under 30/day. But’s it back up in the 40s now.

Some individual bigtime spammers get shut down now and then, but since there are several of them and they always pop up some where else, it doesn’t change things much.

Weird, I’m getting more than I was before. Mozilla catches most of it, but I still look over it to see if anything I actually want to read got caught.