Goddam Spam

I hate spam e-mail, well I guess everyone does, but more than anything I hate HOTMAIL spam. You wanna know why? Because there is so damn much of it! Every day I check my e-mail, as the screen slowly loads I see ** Inbox 7 new messages** “Goody” I think “Perhaps I do have some friends afterall!!”
Well it appears I do have friends, friends who are concerned for me, friends who could not bare to think that I might be unaware of superb new deals on mail order fishing equipment, friends who would just love it if I too could earn money surfing the net all day clicking on banner ads and last but not least those dear old frineds of mine who secretly know that deep down I just couldn’t get through my day without the latest supplements of hardcore Ladyboy porn from Bangkok.
Of course I’ve never met any of these special friends, but somehow these bastards have gotten hold of my e-mail address, Christ only knows how they managed it but now every porn site on the web knows me and wants me to visit their shitty little site.

ASSHOLES!!! If I want porn I’ll go look for it myself, I don’t need you pointless little peckerheads invading my inbox and giving me shit I didn’t ask for.
I’m in too good a mood for a proper rant so I’ll hand it over to you. What are your views on spam? What sort of spam do you get and last but not least, is there any way I can get rid of it?


Bare = Bear. It’s too early in the mnorning for this stuff.

Gomez, doesn’t Hotmail give you the option to filter mail addressed to you only in the BCC: line (or, I just noticed, directly to the trash can)? Look under “options” and “inbox protector.”

It’s not foolproof, but it does a decent job of catching much of the garden variety spam flowing these days.

Nurlman, you are a prince among men. I’ll do that immediately. Thanks.

If you find yourself motivated to do anything about it, I suggest http://www.spamcop.net. They have a nifty service that processes spam, figures out where it really came from, and can send reports to the ISPs. Of course, the spammers just change addresses, but it’s cool to help keep them on the run–and I’m hoping after a while, some of them will get tired of it and quit.

BTW, if you do use their service, you have to change some of the settings in Hotmail to get the full headers, but that is explained in Spamcop’s FAQ.

Six years ago when I just got onto the Internet, I thought it was spiffy to list myself on the then new Internet Yellow pages business listing, and for free too!

BAD IDEA! Fucking bad idea. 6 years later, I’ve never had any real business coming from the Yellow pages. But it has been a magnet for all sorts of fucking junk mail, fucking spam, fucking telemarketing calls.

And the muthafucking Internet Yellow Pages still send me an invoice every year asking me to pay $115 for bold listings! After some searching I finally found the listing again. And you have to call to delete your name. Not only that. There is a Muthafucking Delete Department that takes care of that. Yeah, the person I called on the phone will call the Muthafucking Delete Department to delete my listing but she can’t guarantee it. May all them Muthafuckers all go to hell and burn for eternity.

Y’know, I hear all these horror stories 'bout Hotmail, but I’ve never been a victim of 'em…

Maybe I’m just a lucky punk :smiley: