A strange dreaming thing

Sometimes I read in bed before going to sleep. Often (about 70% of the times when I read), in those few moments halfway between consciousness and sleep, I will begin to “hear” a very fast, disjointed stream of words, often in the style of whatever I’ve been reading, and pertaining to the same subject matter, whether fiction or non-fiction. It’s not “lucid” thought, in that I cannot control the words that come down the pipe, and I am not even aware of it until I exit into a higher stage of consciousness and notice that it happened again. I can never remember the specific words, just that is was about whatever I was reading and in the same literary style. Sometimes it happens several times in one night.

It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? I think it’s my inner-James-Joyce trying to come out. :slight_smile:

I don’t get that… but when I start to fall asleep I’ll “sleep read”. Meaning that I’ll dream that I’m reading the book I’m holding… sometimes it goes on for what seems to be hours and hours… but none of the meaning of what I read sticks, it’s just words, flowing by…


I think this is the same thing, you just “see” the words instead of “hearing” them. I’m a “methodical” (read “slow”) reader, and I concentrate on the “voice” in my head that says the words, whereas some people read without the inner voice.

I will now “stop” posting “comments” with many “words” in “quotes.”

I believe they’re called “hypnogogic hallucinations” or something similar. Sometimes you might see something, sometimes you might hear something, sometimes you might distinctly feel something (ie, something grabbing your foot… not a small tingling on your finger). I’ve occasionally opened my eyes and seen people standing in front of me near my bed. Luckily this first hapened soon after I had a lecture in psych class about this very phenomonon otherwise I would have shit myself.

Sometime’s I’ve heard things - usually music. Often it has something to do with whatever I’m thinking about while I’m getting to sleep. Sometimes it’s shit scarey, especially if you’ve been thinking about dead people but sometime’s it’s pretty cool, like if you’ve been thinking about nekkid ladies. :wink:

That’s about all I can remember, but I’m sure that someone else here will be able to help out a bit more.

I had that happen to me once after staying up all night to take notes on a European history paper. I figured, hey, might as well spend the rest of the night reading Hamlet. I fell asleep and I found myself dreaming in iambic pentameter. It was f$#@!'ed up, to say the least.