A stupid thing that annoyed me about "Firefly" / "Serenity"

Weren’t the twins that the Serinity crew were dealing with in the bar (where River left everyone’s shit in ruins) Asian? I’m referring to the two that were shocked that Mal could tell apart.

Maybe, maybe not. Sunnydale was pretty whitewashed despite being a West Coast city large enough to support a UC campus.

That’s pretty clearly not true. “Firefly” premiered in 2002. Observing that China was a major economic power in 2002 would have been about as shrewd a bit of foresight as observing that the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2001.

Maybe all the vampires liked to eat Chinese?

And then got hungry again two hours later. It’s a vicious cycle.

Eddie Murphy explains that one.

Every single Asian person told Mal they’d hunt him down.

Um, why is it the assumption that the only way Chinese culture can be spread is via genetic Chinese? American culture has spread pretty well via media, etc. I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to imagine a future world where all the infrastructure is controlled by China, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest that every other person will be Chinese. To suggest that Chinese culture can only be spread by genetic Chinese is, well, kinda racist. :wink:

Lucky for Mal, Asians in a committed relationship aren’t hunting him. :smiley:

Yan and Rafael Feldman (playing Fanty and Mingo. Or rather, Mingo and Fanty). Not Chinese.

Conspiracy Theory: White people killed them and stole their culture.

Another theory: Asians drive so slow that the ships carrying them are still on the way.

A third theory: The Earth wasn’t all used up, it’s just the story this particular group’s ancestors told them to get them to leave, ala the B-Ark. Most of the actual Chinese are still on Earth, harvesting the vast wealth of the Solar System.

They were happily married so Joss killed half of them off.

Doctor Horrible finally got a semi-working version of his Orbital Freeze Ray, however it only affected the Asian subcontinent on Earth-that-Was

Captain Hammer (who is an ancestor of Mal) was able to disable the OFR with his HammerShuttle, before a life support malfunction put him into a cryogenic state and catapulted his ship out into the inky depths of space

Mal could tell them apart because “Fanty’s prettier”.

Didn’t River hallucinate her Asian teacher in Serenity?

Tamara Taylor (now of Bones) played her teacher. According to Wiki, her father is black while her mother is white.

Although it could be argued that River, Fanty, Mingo and River’s teacher are proof of a more interbred future as all of them look like they could have Asian relatives.

My wife is of mixed Chinese and Scottish descent. I had been dating her well over a year before my family had any clue she wasn’t just garden variety Euromutt. A friend who is of Chinese descent commented that because she can pass as white, she’s really something of a stealth Asian. My latest pet name for her is ‘ninja’, because, you know, she’s a /stealth/ Asian. :slight_smile:

So, yeah, it is entirely possible that a future would result in people like the Tams having Chinese ancestry mixed with a little Euro, and looking largely Euro to American viewers.

One thing that annoyed me in the episode “War Stories” was Wash’s poor firearm handling skills…

When onboard Serenity, preparing for the rescue of Mal, he picks up a compact 1911, and racks the slide close to his face, and with his finger inside the trigger guard, touching the trigger

I guess since Wash never really had to deal with gunplay on a regular basis, he wasn’t versed in the four safety rules of firearm handling, and his inexperience should be expected, but you’d think that Zoe or Jayne would make some form of remark for him to keep his booger hook off the bang switch…

I forgot, moments earlier in that scene, Wash has just inserted a magazine, racked the slide, and chambered a round on a full-size 1911, Jayne walks up to the door of the kitchen area, behind Wash, and speaks to him, Wash then turns around to talk to Jayne, and in the process, he sweeps the muzzle of the 1911 in Jayne’s general direction, with his finger inside the trigger guard…

when I saw that scene I winced, horrible firearms handling by Wash, he should stick to flying the ship and playing with his plastic dinosaur toys…

Just chiming in - my friend’s son is a quarter Japanese, and if anything he looks less Asian than my kids (who are Irish/Scottish/Italian).

Of course, the fact that there are distinctly black and white characters detracts a bit from the “everyone fucked until they’re the same color” theory.