A survey of future infection possibilities

This article says what I’ve been saying–we’ll all get Covid at some point. The question is whether it will be mild or severe.

This is what confuses me about the claims that 20% of people under 65 and 25% of people over 65 get long covid. If indeed most of us have already had covid, we’d see far far greater numbers of people who are newly disabled than we currently do unless the numbers being thrown around are really exaggerated and/or the bar for what is considered long covid is really low.

I think that may be the issue: definitions. I recently read someone on Reddit complaining that “long Covid” is used to mean both “still don’t have my sense of smell back completely after a month and a half” and “ physically incapable of walking one block a year later.” Even if there is a scientific definition agreed upon by everyone, the media, of course, may not be so careful.