A sushi roll for every state

California rolls are crab (or imitation crab), cucumber, and avocado … California in food names being a pretty strong indication that avocado is in the mix. The other day, I tried an Alaska roll, which seemed about the same, but with salmon on top.

It’s not fair for just two states to be represented at the sushi bar! There should be a Hawaii roll (ahi, pineapple, and poi), a Minnesota roll (tuna salad and Spam), and a Colorado roll (Rocky Mountain oysters and Coors). That leaves us, what? 45 to go.

Massachusetts Roll: Clam strips, roasted turkey, cranberry chutney.

Louisiana would be cooked crawfish tail in a mild sauce rolled in rice. It sounds pretty good.

Maine would be a lobster sushi roll of course.

Kansas: The kind that gives you the runs for a week, because the fish is so very far from home. :wink:

Cute, but I assure you there is pretty much no sushi restaurant in the US that gets fresh-caught-in-their-waters tuna and eel and mackerel and so on. Everyone ships in at least a fair amount of their fish from somewhere else.

Some of these have already been invented (or named). I’m not a big sushi guy, but… Maryland Roll is just (real) crab. Virginia Roll is crab, eel, taegu and mushrooms.

Indiana roll: Fried lake perch and sweet corn.

Not too bad, maybe.

Michigan: Lake trout sprinkled with paprika (to look like rust)

Is no one from Minnesota going to protest the tuna salad and spam? Or list the ingredients for the tuna salad?

New York: Geflite fish obviously

Idaho: put some potatoes and trout in./

Not only that, Food and Drug Administration regulations stipulate that fish to be eaten raw – whether as sushi, sashimi, seviche, or tartare – must be frozen first, to kill parasites.

Rhode Island Roll - Quahog and fried potato

Texas roll - Beef. No, you don’t wrap it in anything! What’s wrong with you, boy? You some kinda commie?

Oregon Roll: Fresh salmon and snap peas with a ginger-blackberry sauce.

If they adopt that, they can release their claim on the Philadelphia roll.

Sorry, what is this?

Wouldn’t Hawaii roll be SPAM Musubi? Wikipedia says: “contains shoyu tuna (canned), tamago, kanpyō, kamaboko, and the distinctive red and green hana ebi (shrimp powder).”

I’ve had filet mignon nigiri. On top of rice with horseradish. It’s delicious. Although maybe “cute filet” rolls might insult the Texas sensibilities.

There is a Philadelphia roll, can Pennsylvania as a whole take it? Although it’s really only named because of the cream cheese brand.

I’ve had gravlax nigiri. That could fit one of the very Scandinavian states. Or lutefisk if you must.

The main rule in Nevada is that all-you-can-eat is the rule, not the exception. So whatever it is, you get more of it. I don’t think there’s an official roll, but I see: “Spicy crab, avocado, topped with salmon & tuna” which doesn’t mean much to me.

Also, London Roll: Batter-fried fish wrapped in rice. :cool:

I’d go with Muskie rather that trout.

Florida: pompano nigiri topped with mango salsa. Sounds good!

There’s already a Seattle roll. Not sure if that should cover all of Washington state, though.